30 Good Things That Have Happened in 30 Days


There’s a young lady I know who had somewhat of a revelation after turning 30 last year.  She realised that life is all about actually living it, and so decided to set herself challenges of doing 30 various things she hadn’t really done before.  Things like watching 30 movies – one from every year of her life, tasting 30 delicacies from around the world, or giving 30 hugs to 30 different people.  It’s a really good idea, and many others have become involved.

An activity that one person announced that she would be attempting was to write down one good thing that happens every day, for 30 days.  Hmm, thought Wendi, this is something I think I also need to attempt.  This year so far (excluding being in the Ghana sunshine) has been… kinda crap if I’m honest, and it could be very easy for me to slip into lack of motivation mode, and not be arsed with anything.  But we don’t want that, do we?!  So here’s my list:

Jan 24:  My cousin came over for the night with a bottle of wine.  It was a nice, unexpected girls night in.

Jan 25:  I woke up.  Sounds silly, but really there have been so many horrible stories in the news regarding death recently, so I’m just thankful.

Jan 26:  I received a belated birthday present.  Another of my cousins came over, bearing more gifts!

Jan 27:  A friend did the chivalrous thing of waiting for my bus with me.  He didn’t have to, so it was a nice, unexpected gesture.

Jan 28:  A fax that I sent was successfully received.  A step closer to resolving an ongoing issue.

Jan 29:  I received an email inviting me for a job interview.  Fingers crossed!

Jan 30:  I attended a nightclub launch party.  It got me out of the house for the evening.

Jan 31:  Had a lovely day out with my mum.  She’d never visited the Westfield Shopping Centre before, so we went shopping for shoes for her. We ate at Nandos, and even though we had ordered two glasses of sangria, we were given two jugs and two glasses!  You can imagine the merry giggles that followed for the rest of the day. Winning!

Feb 1:  A bus driver let me on for free.  The whole time I had been waiting at the bus stop, I completely forgot to go and top up my Oyster!

Feb 2:  I found £5.50 in my coat pocket!  Nuff said.

Feb 3:  I received information I was waiting for, for a post on It’s All Lurve.  Have you been visiting my site?

Feb 4:  I participated in a live Google Hangout web discussion.  It was for I’mPossible’s monthly discussion ‘Talking Tuesday’s, and it was fun.

Feb 5:  I caught up with a couple of friends on the phone.  They were guys. My ego was fed.

Feb 6:  I was able to keep my physio appointment despite being late.  I’ve been having problems with my lower back for months.

Feb 7:  I learned how to make jollof rice like my mum!  I’ve made it before and I didn’t like it, but this time it was mmm mmm goood.

Feb 8:  I gave myself the most relaxing and pampering bubble bath.  Complete with a glass of something.

Feb 9:  Spoke to my nephew in Ghana.  My lil Hurricane has moved to Ghana to be with my brother and go to school, and I’ve missed him since I left to come back.

Feb 10:  My brother and I treated ourselves to a takeaway pizza.  ‘Cos we felt like it, dammit.

Feb 11: (I won’t lie, I’ve completely forgotten what happened)

Feb 12:  I finally cleared my suitcases in my room.  I’m one of those “in denial” people who take ages to unpack after a holiday.

Feb 13:  Had a group video call with my girls.  It was great!  One of my girls has moved to the U.S and it was her birthday, so the five of us Sistas had a lovely catch up.

Feb 14:  The post I published on It’s All Lurve became the most viewed on the Facebook page so far  🙂

Feb 15:  I went for a great night out and only spent £2 from beginning to end. That’s what I’m talking about!

Feb 16:  Met my friend’s gorgeous newborn son.  I’m an “aunty” again.

Feb 17:  I started a 30-day challenge to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.  If you know me, you’ll know that this is truly a challenge.

Feb 18:  I made myself a gorgeous big breakfast and had another fabulous bubble bath.  If only this could be life every day.

Feb 19:  I was asked to write a biography for someone.  One of the things I do.

Feb 20:  I was a listening ear and advisor for two of my friends.  It was nice a feeling.

Feb 21:  I found my new hairstyle.  I change my hairstyle frequently and it’s one of the things I enjoy the most.

Feb 22:  I came up with an idea for more blog posts here!  Watch this space.

If you’re looking for some challenge ideas, check out the ThirtyAfterThirty blog.


Random Thoughts & Observations From The Office III

Source: unionversity.com

Source: unionversity.com

Working for 4.5 hours is perfect for the work/life balance.

I look like Kim from Eastenders? Really?  Gosh, it’s been ages since I heard that – at least 24 hours!

Wouldn’t it be funny if I was ‘papped’ in somewhere like Primark or Superdrug in Tooting Broadway, and Heat or OK! Magazine featured it as a ‘Spotted – Eastenders’ Kim’?

The conflicting views I get from things I tell the two groups of people I’m closest to – my friends and my cousins – are funny.  Variety is the spice of life I guess.

Bruv… you are really not hot enough to be THAT stush.  Who doesn’t greet the receptionist??

I don’t understand why only one person knows how to do this job.  Surely a couple others should be trained to carry out these duties.

The Daily Fail Mail make me laugh.  How would they report ‘news’ if they didn’t have Twitter to do the work for them?  I need to stop contributing to their stats.

I’m actually GASPING for a cuppa.

800 letters to post????  Good Lawd…

Sometimes I wish I was one of those chicks who is comfortable wearing heels in the daytime.  Or even in the evening.  Or at night.

Man… I really hope I never have to use that horrible online system for the post again.  That was a bleedin’ nightmare!

9 Highlights of Notting Hill Carnival 2013 – For Me


Ok, I know I keep talking about the Carnival, so I promise this will be the last post about it for this year (I think!).  I had so much fun yesterday, just as I expected, and these are my highlights of the day:

The weather being perfect!  Enough sunshine to make the day very warm but not hot – exactly how you’d want it while wearing a big head dress!

The absolute fabulousness and vibrant colours of the costumes!  It seems that every band stepped it up a notch.

The fact that our friends, who were participating for the first time, proved us right when we said that they would have the most fun!  New converts – hurrrrah!

Seeing familiar faces in the other bands.

The way I seemed to make people’s day by simply agreeing to pose for a photo with them.  When I say you feel like a celebrity, it’s not a joke!  At one point it was like we were surrounded by paparazzi!

The policewoman who actually passed us her phone so that she could have her own copy of a photo taken with us!  It was hilarious!  I feel sorry for some of those on duty sometimes.

The overall feeling of friendliness and unity.  Even if it’s only for one or two days, it was if we were on holiday and everyone was just free from the problems a normal weekday would bring.

The well-stocked UCOM truck bar!  The Rum kept me schweeet…

The soca song that got everyone excited:

ROLL ON 2014!!!!!!

Did you attend?  What were the highlights for you?

Random Thoughts & Observations From The Office II

Source: unlimitedlolzzz.com

Source: unlimitedlolzzz.com


Check me getting here within 90 minutes of the agency call! The life of a temp, eh?

Aww these people are nice. I feel like a permanent staff member.

Oh my gosh, I’m actually starving now and there’s no non-carby thing for me to have as my breakfast.  Grrr… Today is gonna be a Many Cups of Tea kinda day…

See that’s what I like – non-judgey people who understand that you should be happy in your job.

Hmm… I don’t want to wear these clothes to go out tonight, but what to wear, what to wear?

Maaaan… that egg & cress roll has taken me about 3 hours to eat and now I feel like I must look pregnant.  Bloated like whaaaat.  I’ll just go for a walk on my break methinks.

Hahahaha! Someone just called me ‘Wonderful Wendi’ on the phone.  Isn’t that what I’ve been telling people for years???!

Woah… some of these phone calls are hardcore.

My silly friends need to stop making me laugh while I sit here alone!

I should really go for a pedicure on the way home today.

Uh-oh… The afternoon sleepy feeling is starting to creep in…

If it was possible for me to eat nothing all day on Monday and feel fine, I would.  The way I’m feeling right now, I don’t know how my carnival costume is gonna look… Curses to delicious refined carbs!

Hahahahahaha! One of the guys just said that he feels unloved, because he has no mail.  Then he joked “I blame you Wendi.  It’s up to you to take care of my mail needs…”  Then he quickly retracted the statement and ran out, because of how it sounded!

But seriously, what is a ‘prayer warrior’?  I’m gonna have to Google it.

Not replying to someone’s message from days ago is just rude and ignorant behaviour.  Anyway…

I need to find out if they need me here again tomorrow.

Nonsense From My Day


During an episode of Big Brother UK, Gina said “irregardless” twice in one sentence.  I maintain that this isn’t a word, though I’ve been told that those who use it are combining “irrespective” and “regardless”.  Then what’s the problem with using one of those on its own?  Sorry, but it’s still not a proper word.


Then I switch it over and Jeremy Kyle is on.  I can’t take this show, I can feel my brain cells burning while watching it, but because there was jack sh*t else to watch and I was getting dressed, I left it on as background noise.  That’s when I heard Jeremy say “This 20-month year-old child…”  Sorry?  20-month year-old child?  Ok.  Maybe I’m missing something.  Do any of you know what your parents did on your 20-month year’th birthday?  No?  Me either.


My friend Delali told me that she was looking at a recipe for ‘Mackerel salad with spinach & avocado’, and in the description it said that you would need “two rashers of bacon.”  Maybe again I’m missing something, so I’ll repeat what the recipe was for:  Mackerel salad with spinach and avocado.  Mackerel is fish right?  Or is there a new species of pig also called a ‘mackerel’ that I didn’t know about?  WHAT’S WITH THIS COUNTRY’S OBSESSION WITH PUTTING PORK IN EVERYTHING????  Swines.


I’ve realised that every time I step out of my home, the breeze or general air makes my Blackberry device start behaving like a nutcase and it scrolls all by itself, usually downwards.  All the way to the bottom of whatever page it’s on, and I then look like I’m having a fight with it when I’m trying to type.  I’m really hating my Blackberry right now, and I can not wait until December!  Upgrade time 🙂


So basically what the stores are telling me is that if you are a woman with an ample bosom, you can’t expect to wear a pretty or sexy bra.  In order to purchase a pretty or sexy bra, you will literally have to sacrifice one of your bill payments, or go without food for a while.  Is that what you’re telling me, stores?  So many of these nice bras only go up to certain sizes, as if (most of) the rest of us are to blame for our sizes!  Hmpf.

Let me pour myself a drink and block out any further nonsense…

What I’m Looking Forward To At Carnival This Year

My 2009 costume, fave so far

My 2009 costume, fave so far

In exactly two weeks from today, I will be on the streets of London, wearing a fabulous costume while participating in the Notting Hill Carnival.  My excitement is starting to build up (along with the panic of getting my body to look sufficient for said costume).  I love playing Mas (masquerade/being in costume) with a band, because in my opinion it’s the most fun you can have on the day, and the safest way to attend.  The band I will be with are called United Colours of Mas – UCOM.  I can’t wait to:

Dance to Soca music alllllllll day –  Soca is basically the happiest music in the world, so this is the time of year for me to dance my a*se off like no one is watching.

Put on my costume – This will be my 8th year of being on the road with a Carnival band, and 7th year in costume (I had to take a break one year).  You just automatically feel fabulous when you have your costume on, and get to apply your make up in zany, creative ways, which only adds to the fabulousness of it all.  The public also make you feel like a celebrity when they constantly want to take photos with you.

Drink without judgement – I’m not one to walk around the streets in just a bra and short shorts, so liquid courage is a necessity.  It’s just a plus that I enjoy the taste of some of it too.  Mine’s a rum, thanks 🙂

See the other bands on the road – There are an assortment of floats on the road for Carnival, and it’s always fun to go and explore the various themes they’re exhibiting, and find other friends who are taking part.  Although the carnival is predominantly Caribbean-based, there’s at least one Ghanaian float that I have to find and show my support for!

Meet new people – Every year it seems we make new friends at Carnival, and meeting new Soca lovers is alright with me.

For those of you who are playing Mas for first time this year, I’ll post a checklist of things to do and have with you on the day.  For those of you just attending the Carnival, look out for UCOM!

Do you participate?  Who do you play with?

Random Thoughts and Observations From The Office

Source: cavemancircus.com

Source: cavemancircus.com

There should be a fudge flavoured vodka.  Mmm… I’d love that!

Some women carry their pregnancy so well, you wouldn’t even know from behind.  I hope I’m like that.  Paaahahahahahaha!  I doubt it.

If I ever have my own office, the essential items needed will be: a microwave, a kettle, a fridge, a sink and a radio.

“Chivalry isn’t dead, just limping a bit.”  This guy in the office is funny.

The sandwich lady asked me if ginger beer is alcohol.  I’m still laughing.

I can’t wait till this Saturday.  Some fun socialising with old friends, they better come!  I need to make sure my hair works.

It’s nice when nice people remember your name.

I’m gonna miss my Blackberry email when I finally change my phone.

Why does this country like pork in EVERYTHING????

When will I go to California again?  Actually this year better not go by without me getting on a plane…

I’m starting to feel sleepy now… only an hour ago…

Ooh tomorrow looks like it could be a dress day.

Uh-oh, I’m gonna have to either waste the rest of this ginger beer or carry the can on my journey home. Long.  Cans are so much pressure man!

Hahahahaha, the woman thought ginger beer is alcohol.  Classic.

I hope these people don’t think that me leaving at exactly 5.30 means I can’t wait to go.  I’m happy it’s home time though.  Hmm.. I think I’ll wait and pee at home.


Hook Me Up!


Today I started a new temp job, which is supposed to only last a week, but hopefully with this new agency it’ll lead to more opportunites.  As you know I left my job in 2010 to chase that full time dream… and I’m still chasing it.  Admittedly though, I feel like I am a few steps closer than I was a year ago.

Mondays are usually my job hunting day, but since I was working today I haven’t been able to do the usual generic hunt.  Instead I thought I’d try another way; I’m going to tell you exactly what kind of thing I’m ideally looking for, what I’m good at and what I enjoy doing, and maybe you might know of an opportunity that would make me happy!

So… My ideal fantasy job would be that of a freelance writer who doesn’t have to be based in an office, and has the opportunity to travel for work.  I would like to have a column in a women’s or general lifestyle and popular culture publication, writing about love and relationships or showbiz.  I would LOVE the chance to do a stint in New York City or Los Angeles – it’s been a bit of a dream of mine for some years now.

I am good at interviewing, and turning them into features or biographies.  Actually here’s a biog I did earlier… here.  I am good at witty opinion pieces.  I am good at researching.  I am very good at editing and proofreading.  I am very organised.

As well as all that, I enjoy the rush I get from organising a successful event.  My friends and I had an events company some years ago and it was equally fun and hard work.  But even if we hadn’t formed that company, if I just consider the number of parties and drink-ups I’ve helped to organise just in my social life alone, that counts for a lot dammit!  I enjoy social media and I’m very active on Twitter and Facebook.  I really don’t care for the opinions of those who think social media means you have no outside social skills, that’s just b*llocks.  Yes, it has proven to be a blessing and a curse, but thankfully it has been more of a blessing to me.

So that’s me really.  Know of anything suitable?  Anyone I should meet?  Anyone I should schmooze with tea or tequila? If so, HOOK A SISTER UP!

*Disclaimer:  I’m not looking to work for free.  I ‘spent’ enough time doing that, I want to be rewarded for my skills.  Plus I’ve got bills to pay,  don’t forget I live in London.

Insane for doing Insanity!

Source: theworkoutwatchdog.com

Source: theworkoutwatchdog.com

After having my fibroid surgery last December, I became a complete stranger to the notion of exercise.  Initially I used the fact that I had to heal as my reason for not doing it.  Then it became a case of me knowing that I’ve put on a few pounds, so I needed to exercise, but being okay with it because I knew that I’d have that ‘Eureka’ moment where I’d see a photo of myself that I’d hate, or some such.  That moment came last month when I realised I had two months until I have to parade myself in a fabulous costume on the streets of London at Notting Hill Carnival.  Coincidentally around the same time, my brother came home with the Insanity workout DVD set, saying he was going to give it a go.

Now understand this about me; I don’t enjoy exercising.  It’s not fun to me.  The only time I enjoy exercising is when I don’t realise I’m doing it, like dancing all day at Carnival, or dancing all night at a party.  But I realised it was time to do something, so like an insane woman I told my brother that I would join him, since I’d heard so much about it.

This workout is crazy (hence the name)!  It’s a 60-day program, devised by American fitness trainer and choreographer Shaun T, and divided into two months.  You workout six days a week.  In Month 1 the workouts are an average of 40 minutes, which is good, but they are extremely high-impact and the sort of sweat produced is akin to being caught in torrential rainfall.  You have workouts like Pure Cardio, Cardio Power & Resistance, Cardio Abs, and Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  What does ‘plyometric’ even mean??  Even Cardio Recovery is designed to make you ache (whether intentionally or not)!  In Month 2 the workouts are about an hour each, and way more intense.  I haven’t reached Month 2 yet, but all I hear from people is “You think Month 1 is hard, wait till Month 2!”  Therefore I’m not going to look at what it will entail until we reach that stage.   The problem is I’ve seen the results on a loved one who stuck to this ‘insanity’ and I know it works, so I’m going to continue with it – kicking and screaming of course.  Shaun T may be very easy one the eye, but he’s not easy on my poor body, so I’m not his friend *Folds arms and sulks like a child*

On a sidenote:  There a chick who participates in the DVds called Tania who, from what I’ve seen online, almost everyone seems to hate out of PURE jealousy.  She’s fit as hell, looks like she’s only pretending to be tired, and kinda comes across as the teacher’s pet.  I blame Shaun T.  Everything is his fault.

Woman Woes – Fibroids


It’s not easy being a woman, you know.  It really isn’t.  Those of you who think it is, you’re so wrong.

I’m currently recuperating after spending a couple of days in hospital following surgery to remove uterine fibroids (from my womb area).  They had been giving me problems for nearly a year before I knew they even existed in me, and when I found out I had them, I didn’t talk about it much to anyone outside of my immediate close circle.  But when I did mention it to others, they would always have a story about knowing someone who has/had them or has had surgery to remove them.  I then realised that fibroids are extremely common (mostly in black women), and more women than we realise harbour them, some maybe without knowing.  As I get older I learn more and more that it’s good to talk, so initially I would have thought that sharing this with you is probably too much information, but now I don’t care, because opportunities to learn something new come in many different ways.

My symptoms started in 2010 when I would get cramps in between periods, which didn’t make sense to me, but I didn’t pay much attention to them, so I pretty much ignored it.  It was in August 2011, while on holiday in Barbados, that the pain of the cramps reached its peak and brought a little blood with it, that I decided to go and visit my GP as soon as I got back home.  I was given a date for an ultrasound scan, and in that time I had to go back to my GP, because my periods had become really heavy (Aunt Flo was really trying her best to disgrace me in public!) so I was given tablets to control it.  Over the next few months I had appointments for scans and examinations and was advised to have them removed, because although they weren’t all that big at the time, I had several and you never know how it will affect fertility.  I have to say though, one thing I didn’t like was the way some doctors offer up the option of having a hysterectomy as though it’s nothing.  The first GP I saw who actually told me I had the fibroids said to me: “You can have surgery to have them removed, or we can just take out your womb.  Do you want kids?”  It was so blase that it annoyed me.  Yes I want kids, thank you very much, leave my womb exactly where it is!

By the time of my surgery four days ago, a couple of the fibroids had become quite large, but I’m fortunate that they hadn’t grown to a size that made me look pregnant, as they do with some women.  They were able to remove three out of five – the last two are small and shouldn’t be problematic, and apparently are in an area that would require open surgery.  The operation I had was a laparoscopic myomectomy, meaning it was the less invasive keyhole surgery via three incisions through my stomach, using a camera to basically see what they’re doing.  The recovery period is about 2-3 weeks, so right now pain killers are the best things ever.

Here is some detailed information about uterine fibroids:  http://www.womenshealth.gov/publications/our-publications/fact-sheet/uterine-fibroids.cfm

So ladies, and men tell your ladies, if things don’t seem to be functioning the way they should, please go and get it checked out.  It may be nothing to worry about, but it also could be a revelation.