Tweet of the Day: @neurosceptic

I love this, simply because it’s something that’s kinda getting on my nerves on Facebook.  There are so many photos and whatnot being reposted,  just because they’re playing on people’s emotions. “Like this photo if you love your family.  If you don’t share it, you don’t have a heart.” Or “The girl in this photo is ill. Like it if you sympathise, share it if you want her to get better.”  How do we know the girl in the photo even knows her picture is being distributed?  If she’s really sick, does she want the world of Facebook to know?  Jog on.

This is another piece of nonsense that made me roll my eyes back so far that I feared for my sight:


Click here if you don’t know what those letters stand for…


A Couple of Tweets of the Day

Yeah yeah yeah I’m a bit late on the subject of these tweets, but I’ve also been quite busy this month, so please… forgive me.

Anyway, we all know that President Obama will continue to be addressed by that title for the next four years, and a lot of us are happy about it.  These tweets from that day we found out are the ones that made me laugh; one for its humour, one for its…. well you’ll see…

Can you imagine?? People would go and vote all over again!

*Tumbleweed……………………………………………*  Bless her cotton socks.  What is Obama’s policy on education?

Dumb Tweet of the Day

Miss Tee has said all I could say in reaction to this… Except – I pray to everyone’s God that this was a joke.

Tweet of the Day: @LukeHoosTawking

This made me laugh, but he’s not even lying!  Online social networkers may have heard about the hurricane when it was in Jamaica, but the mainstream world didn’t know or care until New York and New Jersey were about to be hit.  That’s not very nice is it?

Tweets of the Days: A Roundup

I did say I might not be able to update you every day, didn’t I?  During those times I still collate some of the tweets I spot that make me laugh and what-not, so I can share them with you!

This was so funny, and definitely a good PR move (whether they planned for it to be or not) for O2, because it makes it seem that there really are ‘real’ people working behind the scenes, and not some robots in a call centre abroad.

If you’re quite a “wordie” like me (yes I know that’s not a word), click on the link in the tweet and have a look at some of the British words that Americans are now apparently adopting.  There are quite a lot!  This is good, because I’m tired of it always being about Brits imitating the Yanks.

This one killed me, and ordinarily I would just laugh to myself and not put it on here, due to being a big Jackson fan, but right now I’m laughing out loud and I don’t feel a way about it, because Jermaine Jackson has actually blocked me from following him on Twitter!  Can you believe it? Me!  Innocent, sweet, Jackson-loving me!  I can only think that he probably searched for mentions of himself on Twitter and saw a retweet I did with my own comment added, relating to all that drama the family was going through a few months ago, and didn’t like it.  I think it was in regards to him maybe being after money from MJ’s estate, or some such. Meh.  If it was Janet I’d be devastated.

This is so funny because it’s so silly!  Though sometimes I do wish we could go back to the days of those phones, when it was smart for a phone to be simple.

Tweet Of The Day: @bimadew

I urge you… If you’re not on Twitter, please just open an account while the X Factor is on, even if just for that period of time.  It’s the best!  The tweets are hilarious!!  This particular one is in relation to a performance by one of the contestants Kye Sones who sang Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror.’  Singing a Michael Jackson song is always a risk – MJ, Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey – you HAVE to be able hold a good note.  Unfortunately many people didn’t think that was the case this evening, and this tweet was the funniest!

Tweet Of The Day: @Yossface

You see, this is my kinda thing.  Some people are so hell bent on being better than everyone else, and being such a success by other people’s standards, that they forget to live.  To me (and I don’t care how cheesy it sounds) if you’re happy in life, you’re a success.  That’s all I strive for.  Another saying that I don’t live by is “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”  No thanks, I’ll sleep when I’m sleepy, because I’m pretty sure that having no sleep would probably kill me.  I’m not ready for that, thank you very much.

Tweet Of The Day – @djswooshuk

Like many others, I spend a whole lot of my day on Twitter and I’m not ashamed, because there are too many jokes to be had and too many things to learn from every day people like you and me.  Honestly – those of you who look down on it, please stop! It’s an amazing creation and I’ve met so many good people via this medium.  So I’ve decided to start this new section called ‘Tweet Of The Day,’ which will feature a tweet that has either made me laugh the loudest, think the hardest or that I simply couldn’t agree with more.  I may include a tweet that I think is extremely stupid, but I will prefix it with ‘Dumb Tweet Of The Day’ instead, and I won’t give their Twitter handle; if you want to follow them, it’ll be up to you to find them yourselves.  Also because I have a life I may not be able to post one every day, but my intention is to find one as often as possible.  So here’s my first one!

*The word should say ‘teacher’ not ‘teaher’

A lot of you won’t understand this tweet.  Basically there is an Afrobeats song called ‘The Thing’ by a Ghanaian artist called Atumpan, and some of the lyrics of the chorus have been included in the tweet.  I know the Megan situation isn’t really something that should be joked about, but we can all rest easy, because she has been found safe and well.  I just thought it was hilarious, because the lyrics are just so apt!  I’m sure Ghanaians and Afrobeat lovers will feel me on this!

For those who don’t know, here is the song: