Tweets of the Days: A Roundup

I did say I might not be able to update you every day, didn’t I?  During those times I still collate some of the tweets I spot that make me laugh and what-not, so I can share them with you!

This was so funny, and definitely a good PR move (whether they planned for it to be or not) for O2, because it makes it seem that there really are ‘real’ people working behind the scenes, and not some robots in a call centre abroad.

If you’re quite a “wordie” like me (yes I know that’s not a word), click on the link in the tweet and have a look at some of the British words that Americans are now apparently adopting.  There are quite a lot!  This is good, because I’m tired of it always being about Brits imitating the Yanks.

This one killed me, and ordinarily I would just laugh to myself and not put it on here, due to being a big Jackson fan, but right now I’m laughing out loud and I don’t feel a way about it, because Jermaine Jackson has actually blocked me from following him on Twitter!  Can you believe it? Me!  Innocent, sweet, Jackson-loving me!  I can only think that he probably searched for mentions of himself on Twitter and saw a retweet I did with my own comment added, relating to all that drama the family was going through a few months ago, and didn’t like it.  I think it was in regards to him maybe being after money from MJ’s estate, or some such. Meh.  If it was Janet I’d be devastated.

This is so funny because it’s so silly!  Though sometimes I do wish we could go back to the days of those phones, when it was smart for a phone to be simple.


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