Now that we are in 2012, it has been just over a year since I quit my day job to pursue my writing and media career properly.  Though it hasn’t quite gone according to plan, in that I had hoped I would be working fully in that field by now, I have been fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people along the way, and learn a lot about and develop myself.

One of the things I have realised and accepted is that I don’t necessarily want to be an entrepreneur.  We are living in an age where everyone is trying to start their own business, hoping it will eventually develop into an empire.  People are fed up of working for someone else in a job they hate, so who would be better to work for than yourself?  I completely agree with this, and if I find a gap in the market to start my own company, I certainly will.  But I am one of those who isn’t necessarily thinking of the next big business idea, but I am more than willing to work alongside you if you have an idea that I think will work.

There are a lot of ‘entrepreneurs’ out there who literally form their ‘companies’ for themselves, not caring about whether it is a good or service that is actually in demand.  When an idea is presented to me, instead of just thinking of money, I instantly put myself in the position of the customer and therefore come up with the questions that will be asked, making suggestions based on what I know the intended client will want.  I am not a money-hungry person, and some people don’t seem to understand it.  Of course I want money, I want to be comfortable now and in the future, but I don’t use money-making as being my sole purpose in life.  I’d rather be happy.  For now, being a freelancer is the way I think I’d like to work for myself, and that alone is no easy feat.

Most of my close circle of friends are working hard to build their empires, ranging from PR Companies to Recruitment Consultancies to Designer Labels to IT Services.  I 100% commend and support them, because they are some exceedingly talented people and I know it will happen for them (and they better believe I’ll be coming on those luxury holidays as payment for my support!).  But when it comes to myself building an empire, I don’t yet know what it would be, and I’m fine with it. I’m in no rush.

I have plans to write a book (which I’ve started) and who knows what that could lead to?  It might be a bestseller, which will then be made into a film, which will then be broken down into a TV series… Ok, I’m running away with myself, but like I asked – who knows?

Think about it; the world needs people like me, because if everyone is working for themselves, there would be no one left to employ!