Bloggiversary Recap: Guest Blogs

Every so often it’s nice to invite people into your space, because you can discover new and different things from them.  Over the past year I have learned that the blogging community is very supportive of one another, and it’s so refreshing.  Among those I know and follow, there are no rivalries.  People share new information with each other without hesitation.  I intend to feature more guest posts from those whose blogs and writing I admire.  Have a look at three of my blogging friends I have featured so far..


The Hopeful Romantic was kind enough to answer a question I had been asking myself for a while and in the period leading up to Valentine’s Day: Why Should I Be Hopeful About Finding Love?  I read her blog frequently, and at that time wondered why she remained so positive after having her heart broken.  Have a read and see what she had to say…

In honour of the 10th anniversary of International Women’s Day, pop culture blogger Ondolady (a good friend of this blog) compiled her own list of women she admires, off the back of the list of 100 inspirational women that The Guardian newspaper published.  Do you agree with them? Click here

To read more of my guests’ work, take a look at their sites:

The Hopeful Romantic –

Ondo Lady –


Bloggiversary Recap: Who Remembers?

It’s no secret that I enjoy reminiscing about the old school, the good old days.  Things just seemed so much more fun, easy, and sometimes corny – but it was okay!  So the ‘Who Remembers?’ section of this blog is dedicated to my memories of what was popular (in my life) while I was growing up.

Blossom : This reminds me of being at school, where almost all the girls would watch this show on a Friday evening, and on Monday we’d discuss how Joey suddenly became so hot!

Motorola m301 : The brick! I’m pretty sure everyone had a version of this phone. Was your experience of the phone the same as mine? And did you know there was a larger version before this one??

‘Regulate’ by Warren G & Nate Dogg : This wasn’t so much a  remembrance of the song (because who could forget it??) but more of a chance for you to check out the hilarious literal translation of the lyrics.

Garbage Pail Kids : This post has generated the most clicks on the blog, which shows me that EVERYONE must have collected the cards as I did back in the day!

Smash Hits : Who didn’t love this magazine?? It was a product for a generation in its heyday, and I would go as far as to say it probaby kick-started my interest in the media and music industry.

What do you remember?

Bloggiversary Recap: Features

I have tried to cover various relevant topics in my feature section, and they are usually issues I know about or have experienced in some form. Enjoy what there is so far, because there’s more to come!

Baby Mother vs Single Mother : What is the correct term for a mother who is no longer with the father of her child? Are there particular behaviours displayed, depending on the title a woman chooses or allows herself to be known as?  Unfortunately in my experience of other women (because I’m not yet a mother) I think there are, and they are not all positive.

Boy Toys – To Play Or Not To Play : Many single women are finding it hard to meet decent men their own age, so what about dating a toy boy? It works for the celebs – look at Madonna, she seems incapable of dating within her age group.  Is age really nothing but a number or is there an issue of maturity?  Would you do it?

A Blindin’ Drinking Game : This time last year we were alerted to a new drinking craze sweeping through universities.  I’m not even going to reveal what these supposed future scholars of Britain were doing to get drunk, just click on the story.  Utter nonsensical nonsense.  Yes, nonsensical nonsense.

What Makes Good Hair :  Last year I attended a special screening of Chris Rock‘s docu-movie Good Hair, which featured a Q&A session with the man himself. We learned about the lengths black women go to, to have what they consider to be ‘good hair.’  It was very interesting, and extremely thought-provoking.  Have a read of my review and learn some new things.


It’s My First Bloggiversary!!!!

Today marks exactly a year since I created this blog and posted my first piece!  My my, how time flies!

Like with Twitter, starting this blog has helped me to meet some lovely, talented, supportive and friendly people, and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner!

I would like to thank all those who have contributed to Wendi B Writes over the past year:



The Hopeful Romantic

Marlon Fihosy

All those I’ve interviewed

All those who have commented

All those who have recommended


Starting tomorrow and for the next week I’ll be posting recaps of the various sections of the blog, for your perusal.  Thank you for reading, and here’s to plenty more years, readers (and hopefully money) to come! Cheers!

My Name Is Wendi… And I Am An Addict

I am writing this post after almost three weeks of having practically no internet access.  My service provider told me I needed a new power charger (or some such) and yet took  their sweet time in sending one. Suffice to say they offered me money off and free movies for two months – they know they had to.  You’ll be happy to hear that I am currently temping, a placement that is supposed to last for three months (which is absolutely fine with me) and yes, there is internet access there, but I can hardly spend my day browsing the blogs and entertainment and shopping sites can I?  What would they think of me?  Add to that the fact that my computer is in a position where everyone can see my screen, it is hardly ideal.

On top of that –  as we speak (or you read), my beloved Blackberry Bold is in Blackberry hospital, and could be there for up to three weeks!  I have had to resort to using my old Blackberry Curve, which has now decided that it does not want to scroll down, therefore I can’t access my groups, calendar or photos, or anything that isn’t on the top row of my homescreen, and I have to discover alternative ways to navigate my way around.  I took it to the phone shop hoping they could just quickly unscrew it and fix the trackball or at least use some cleaning alcohol to unstick it, but they told me that they would have to send it off to Blackberry for repair.  Does it even make sense that while your current phone is being repaired, your back-up phone must also be sent off??

When my Blackberry started malfunctioning, I won’t lie… I felt like a piece of me was dying.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had that feeling either.  Last year I very foolishly got the phone wet and predictably it went doolally, so I took it apart, dried it with a hairdryer and left it that way through the night, but I couldn’t sleep properly with the thought that it may not return to normal.  I actually felt very upset, as though my heart wasn’t functioning correctly.  That’s not right!

I enjoy social networking, not to the degree of where I have an account on every single platform, but definitely Facebook and Twitter.  I admit to being one of those people who checks the status and tweet updates of my friends, from my phone, before I even get out of bed in the mornng.  I also enjoy having conversations on Blackberry Messenger and WhatsApp.  No, I haven’t lost the ability to speak on the phone itself, but you have to admit that conversing with people on these applications allows for multi-tasking.  But in the past week I’ve felt almost mute!  I couldn’t visit the usual websites I do every day, due to no internet access.  I can see my contacts updating their BBM statuses and I still can’t.  I can see all the notification icons of the BB Groups I am a part of, lined up on my homescreen, and I just have to wonder what discussion is taking place without me.  I haven’t even been able to download WhatsApp to this Blackberry, because I wouldn’t be able to get to it, since like everything else it would involve scrolling down. Grrrr!

A tad melodramatic? Maybe.  Do I need to get a grip and realise that these are merely luxuries we did absolutely fine without years ago? No.  What I need is for my phone to be repaired ASAP and sent back to me pronto!!