Yes! A Web-Series I Can Totally Relate To! Introducing: ‘An African City’



One of my friends on Facebook tagged me and a few others in a video post, saying it would be something we’d like.  She wasn’t wrong!  It was the first episode of a new web-series called ‘An African City’, created by Ghanaian writer Nicole Amarteifio.  It’s set in Accra, Ghana and “tells the story of five beautiful and successful women who confide in one another about their love-lives (or lack thereof) and find new ways to deal with being a 21st century woman in Africa.”

When I watched the first episode, I was like “Oh my gosh!  This is exactly what I was saying in my post about my most recent trip to Ghana!”  Of course, it was inspired by ‘Sex & The City’ (as with anything that features an all-female cast), but it’s so nice to watch women who are like ME and my friends, thinking the same things I thought when I was there, and wearing African-print styles like we do.  Michael Jackson wasn’t lying when he sang, “You are not alone”.

My kind nature means I’m going to make it extremely convenient for you to watch all 10 episodes of An African City right here (if you haven’t already), and let me know what you think!