Random Thoughts & Observations From The Office III

Source: unionversity.com

Source: unionversity.com

Working for 4.5 hours is perfect for the work/life balance.

I look like Kim from Eastenders? Really?  Gosh, it’s been ages since I heard that – at least 24 hours!

Wouldn’t it be funny if I was ‘papped’ in somewhere like Primark or Superdrug in Tooting Broadway, and Heat or OK! Magazine featured it as a ‘Spotted – Eastenders’ Kim’?

The conflicting views I get from things I tell the two groups of people I’m closest to – my friends and my cousins – are funny.  Variety is the spice of life I guess.

Bruv… you are really not hot enough to be THAT stush.  Who doesn’t greet the receptionist??

I don’t understand why only one person knows how to do this job.  Surely a couple others should be trained to carry out these duties.

The Daily Fail Mail make me laugh.  How would they report ‘news’ if they didn’t have Twitter to do the work for them?  I need to stop contributing to their stats.

I’m actually GASPING for a cuppa.

800 letters to post????  Good Lawd…

Sometimes I wish I was one of those chicks who is comfortable wearing heels in the daytime.  Or even in the evening.  Or at night.

Man… I really hope I never have to use that horrible online system for the post again.  That was a bleedin’ nightmare!