It’s All Lurve!


So yes I know I said that one of the things I would be doing this year is blogging more often than I had been, and I know I haven’t really been living up to that the way I should be, but I have a good reason!

If you look further down the list you’ll see that I said I want to launch the websites I have in the pipeline.  Well that’s what I’ve been busy creating – one of them anyway.  I have realised that the topic I enjoy reading about the most is Love and Relationships, and I know I’m not alone.  Therefore I’ve decided to create a site where people who want to discuss this subject and read about what’s being done, said and witnessed all over can congregate and be kept up to date.  It’s not just for singles, but also those who are dating, in relationships, engaged, married – whatever!  You just have to have an interest in this area of life and we’re good!

Look out for ‘It’s All Lurve’ – coming VERY SOON!