The Truth about Wendi B


Since the age of 16 I have been all about Media and Entertainment, which is something that came to me randomly, as all I remember is my desire to be a fashion designer when I was younger!  I am currently a freelance writer of features, profiles/biographies, press releases, etc – just ask!

When I finished school, I studied for a BTEC in Media Studies and during that time I added to it by ‘chasing’ my favourite pop stars and turning the experiences into interviews for potential magazine opportunities.  No I wasn’t a groupie!  The interviews were not officially published, but they did help me to hone my skills.

Just before starting my BA in Media Practice at the University of Luton, I became a member of the Sony Music Street Team, where I had to bring awareness of Sony’s artists and new releases to the general public, predominantly via street marketing through flyer distribution.  As the only member of the street team at my University, it was down me to spread the word at clubs and student events.  I also later joined the street teams for Radio One (Westwood), Def Jam and EastWest Records (now known as Atlantic Records).

I later landed an internship in the Press Office of the Columbia Records division of Sony Music Entertainment, which lasted almost 2 months.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there, as I learned a great deal about the workings of a press office, and it incorporated the two things I enjoy the most – writing and promoting.

After graduating I occupied myself by studying short courses and embarking on voluntary work to increase my knowledge and gain more experience, some of which were based on the Music Industry and Event Management.  I also became a writer for RWD Magazine – an urban music and lifestyle publication.

A couple of years after that I became the Assistant and Researcher for two talk shows on Choice FM in London – The Ladies Room’ and ‘The Angie Le Mar Show.’  I was able to experience the production of a radio show first-hand.  I answered listeners’ calls, and arranged competition giveaways.  I loved it!  I also landed the role of Events Assistant and at RnB Ringtones (which then became RnB World).  I was able to use my previous experience, by helping to recruit and co-ordinate the Street Team at events to promote the company’s services.  RnB World was then launched as was ICON Magazine, and my writing skills allowed me the role of Editorial Assistant.  I then moved on to become the Editorial Assistant for Pride Magazine, which is Europe’s leading lifestyle magazine for women of colour.  There I was responsible for researching and writing content for the magazine and compiling the Events pages, which meant I got to attend screenings and press events on behalf of the magazine – who wouldn’t enjoy that?!

I made the decision to study for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism at the London School of Journalism, and graduated in 2004. The course was quite intense, but I learned a whole lot.

I love writing, and I one day hope to add the title of ‘author’ by publishing a book, but in the meantime I want you to enjoy the various topics and posts on this lil ole blog of mine and I hope it sparks debate!


4 comments on “The Truth about Wendi B

  1. Hi Wendi B,

    Remember me.. the other Janet/MJ fan!! From Kingston College…Get in contact with me.. it would be great to catch up 😉

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