Postcard From Paradise!

Hi everyone,

Don’t hate me…. but I’m in Barbados!  And I’m absolutely loving it here – LOVING IT.  In fact I would just like to declare that:

I’m here for two weeks with four friends, and we’re staying in St Lawrence Gap, the area in the parish of Christchurch with the most entertainment.  We came predominantly for the carnival and if it sounds like we’ve travelled thousands of miles just for a one-day extravanganza, please don’t be fooled.  The Barbados Cropover season is a serious thing, and is over a month long, so really we’re catching the last few days of it and the finale.  But what a serious few days it is!

We arrived last week Wednesday and although there were parties taking place that night, we didn’t start partying section of this holiday until Friday night.  Please allow us, we’re not as young as we used to be!  Friday night/Saturday morning was what is known as Fore Day Morning or Jouvert, which is the start of the carnival parades.  With this one, participants basically dance through the streets while covered in paint, mud, chocolate… pretty much anything that a woman would hate to get in her hair!  We then moved on to a fete (‘fete’ being a party/rave) called Wadadah that we were told was starting at 2am, but it turns out it was actually kicking off properly 5am, so getting there at about 3am was a little early… but it was cool.  There was plenty of food and drink to keep us occupied.  It was an open air venue, which is lovely, and when these Bajans party, they party hard.  I don’t even know what time it was due to finish, but we left at about 9.30am.  I seriously enjoyed it though, because it featured performances from my two favourite soca artists: Lil Rick and Alison Hinds.  I could have easily flown back to London happy after that.

Lil Rick at Wadadah

Alison Hinds performing at Wadadah

After over 24 hours with no sleep, our intention was to attend another fete called ’10 to 10′ on Saturday night, which is exactly what it says on the tin – starts at 10pm and finishes at 10am.  But it didn’t happen for us.  I’m a lightweight, judge me, I don’t care!  Pros and cons had to be weighed and the cons won.  So on Sunday we were refreshed and ready to enjoy the long day we had ahead of us. First up was a delicious buffet brunch at the lovely Savannah Barbados Hotel, then we moved on to the Empire Sports Club to watch a football match between Bajans and Londoners (the pouring rain didn’t stop them!), then finally we attended the big annual Cropover concert – Red Hot Cohobblopot at the Kensington Oval stadium.  This is a six-hour show featuring a whole host of soca artists, including Lil Rick and road march winner Edwin Yearwood, and headlined by Trinidadian soca star Machel Montano who performed for 90 minutes.  A very good night out.

Monday was the main day – Grand Kadooment Day! (Or Carnival Day to those who aren’t familiar).  We were fortunate to secure a tent sponsored by the Lime Network, with food and drinks supplied all day.  We were also right next to the judges, which meant that we were able to see all the bands, performers and trucks as they went by.  One particular band featured a certain Bajan superstar, who was jumping, dancing and wining in costume as though she were an ordinary member of the public.  And even though the rain poured heavily at times, she didn’t bother with her “umbrella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay”.  Of course I’m talking about Rihanna – see what I did there?? (Corny as hell, I know…). It was an absolutely fabulous day!  Next year you’ll be seeing me in costume there – trust me!

Rih Rih on Grand Kadooment Day

Carnival queen

Carnival revellers

Young participants performing a dance routine

Yesterday was a day spent recovering, and the evening was spent onboard the Harbour Master for a night time boat cruise, complete with food, unlimited drinks, dancing and another performance from Edwin Yearwood.

I’m upset that half of the holiday has passed already, because I am not in the slightest bit ready to go home yet.  So off I go to have more fun!

Wish you were here!