30 Good Things That Have Happened in 30 Days


There’s a young lady I know who had somewhat of a revelation after turning 30 last year.  She realised that life is all about actually living it, and so decided to set herself challenges of doing 30 various things she hadn’t really done before.  Things like watching 30 movies – one from every year of her life, tasting 30 delicacies from around the world, or giving 30 hugs to 30 different people.  It’s a really good idea, and many others have become involved.

An activity that one person announced that she would be attempting was to write down one good thing that happens every day, for 30 days.  Hmm, thought Wendi, this is something I think I also need to attempt.  This year so far (excluding being in the Ghana sunshine) has been… kinda crap if I’m honest, and it could be very easy for me to slip into lack of motivation mode, and not be arsed with anything.  But we don’t want that, do we?!  So here’s my list:

Jan 24:  My cousin came over for the night with a bottle of wine.  It was a nice, unexpected girls night in.

Jan 25:  I woke up.  Sounds silly, but really there have been so many horrible stories in the news regarding death recently, so I’m just thankful.

Jan 26:  I received a belated birthday present.  Another of my cousins came over, bearing more gifts!

Jan 27:  A friend did the chivalrous thing of waiting for my bus with me.  He didn’t have to, so it was a nice, unexpected gesture.

Jan 28:  A fax that I sent was successfully received.  A step closer to resolving an ongoing issue.

Jan 29:  I received an email inviting me for a job interview.  Fingers crossed!

Jan 30:  I attended a nightclub launch party.  It got me out of the house for the evening.

Jan 31:  Had a lovely day out with my mum.  She’d never visited the Westfield Shopping Centre before, so we went shopping for shoes for her. We ate at Nandos, and even though we had ordered two glasses of sangria, we were given two jugs and two glasses!  You can imagine the merry giggles that followed for the rest of the day. Winning!

Feb 1:  A bus driver let me on for free.  The whole time I had been waiting at the bus stop, I completely forgot to go and top up my Oyster!

Feb 2:  I found £5.50 in my coat pocket!  Nuff said.

Feb 3:  I received information I was waiting for, for a post on It’s All Lurve.  Have you been visiting my site?

Feb 4:  I participated in a live Google Hangout web discussion.  It was for I’mPossible’s monthly discussion ‘Talking Tuesday’s, and it was fun.

Feb 5:  I caught up with a couple of friends on the phone.  They were guys. My ego was fed.

Feb 6:  I was able to keep my physio appointment despite being late.  I’ve been having problems with my lower back for months.

Feb 7:  I learned how to make jollof rice like my mum!  I’ve made it before and I didn’t like it, but this time it was mmm mmm goood.

Feb 8:  I gave myself the most relaxing and pampering bubble bath.  Complete with a glass of something.

Feb 9:  Spoke to my nephew in Ghana.  My lil Hurricane has moved to Ghana to be with my brother and go to school, and I’ve missed him since I left to come back.

Feb 10:  My brother and I treated ourselves to a takeaway pizza.  ‘Cos we felt like it, dammit.

Feb 11: (I won’t lie, I’ve completely forgotten what happened)

Feb 12:  I finally cleared my suitcases in my room.  I’m one of those “in denial” people who take ages to unpack after a holiday.

Feb 13:  Had a group video call with my girls.  It was great!  One of my girls has moved to the U.S and it was her birthday, so the five of us Sistas had a lovely catch up.

Feb 14:  The post I published on It’s All Lurve became the most viewed on the Facebook page so far  🙂

Feb 15:  I went for a great night out and only spent £2 from beginning to end. That’s what I’m talking about!

Feb 16:  Met my friend’s gorgeous newborn son.  I’m an “aunty” again.

Feb 17:  I started a 30-day challenge to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.  If you know me, you’ll know that this is truly a challenge.

Feb 18:  I made myself a gorgeous big breakfast and had another fabulous bubble bath.  If only this could be life every day.

Feb 19:  I was asked to write a biography for someone.  One of the things I do.

Feb 20:  I was a listening ear and advisor for two of my friends.  It was nice a feeling.

Feb 21:  I found my new hairstyle.  I change my hairstyle frequently and it’s one of the things I enjoy the most.

Feb 22:  I came up with an idea for more blog posts here!  Watch this space.

If you’re looking for some challenge ideas, check out the ThirtyAfterThirty blog.


Playing Mas At Carnival? Here’s A Checklist For The Day

Notting Hill Carnival weekend is upon us, and I, for one, am very excited!  The fever is in the air and the events have started.  For those of you who are veteran masqueraders – I might see you on the road!  Those of you going as revellers – have fun and be safe!  And for those of you who will be playing mas for the first time – you’re gonna love it!

This will be my 8th time on the road, so I’m going to let you know what to have and do in preparation for the day – purely based on my experiences.

Collect your costume in good time:  Obviously that’s not necessarily up to you, but if you’re with an organised band, your costume will be ready early enough for you o try it on at home and know what extras you might want to get to jazz it up more, if need be.

Plan your route to your band’s base:  It’s not secret that travelling to West London on that day isn’t straight-forward, due to all the road and station closures, so plan ahead, and do the same for your route home.  If you can arrange for someone to pick you up from somewhere at the end of the day, you’ll be SO thankful.

Carry a small bag for essential items:  I usually have a small bag on me for my phone, camera, cash and lip balm.  A handbag you can strap around you, or a pouch around your waist.  Avoid taking too many valuables.  Also, I don’t carry my whole purse, just a few ££s in case I want to buy something from one of the stalls.

Pack a flag of the country you’re repping: It’s always nice to see others who are from where you are.  I love finding/meeting fellow Ghanaians, mostly because the Carnival is predominantly a Caribbean celebration.

Wear as much of your costume under your clothes:  To avoid having to get naked in an inconvenient or public place, I always wear my bra and shorts under the t-shirt & jeans/leggings I’m wearing while making my way there in the morning.  That way all I have to do is strip when the time comes.  You should bring a bag to keep the things you won’t be needing on the road, like your outer wearm make-up, etc, and you should be able to leave them safely at your band’s base.

Stay safe:  I believe that being a part of a carnival band is the safest way to attend, so always make sure you don’t venture too far from them if you decide to go walkies.  If you’re with friends and you become separated, you should probably agree on a meeting place.  I’d say the best place is back with your band, because you will be with familiar people, and you’ll probably need to be with them to head back to base and collect your belongings, or get on the coach (if you came with one).


Have I forgotten anything?


5 Dance Routines I Want To Master

I have always been into dance routines.  Not every type of dance, mind you, because ballet and salsa have never held my interest, but more like streetdance fused with other types.  I used to be part of a ‘dance kartel’ called Syze Nyne, which I absolutely loved, and I performed in shows a few times.  When I was young I was definitely the girl you’d find in front of the TV trying to copy the routines from my favourite music videos, and if I’m honest, I think I probably mastered them quite well… except because I was facing the TV, my moves would be in the opposite direction if I were to perform on stage with the artists.  But I tried!

Here are some routines I would love to learn PROPERLY and perform on stage one day… even if I’m 60!  They’re on my Bucket List.  In no particular order:

‘Dangerous’, 1995 MTV Video Music Awards performance – Michael Jackson

You shouldn’t be surprised that I’ve started off with Michael Jackson.  I love him, so I love all his routines, but this one excited me immensely the first time I saw it.  I love it, it’s full of “swagger”, it’s tight, it’s just BAD (pun intended).  Since ‘Dangerous’ wasn’t officially released as a single with a video, it was exciting to see what was done with it.  Kudos to the choreographer Travis Payne.

‘Single Ladies’ – Beyonce

I know, I know, you’re probably tired of hearing this song, because it was so huge that it was rinsed everywhere, but if you’re a woman you must admit that this routine is a good one to know just for the sake of knowing it.  It’s sexy and fierce – who doesn’t want to be sexy and fierce??!  Kudos to the choreographer Jonte Moaning.

‘Give It To You’ – Jordan Knight

I was a massive New Kids On The Block fan, and I was in love with Jordan (I actually couldn’t believe someone could be that good looking), so when he released his first solo song, I was just so happy that it was such a tune.  I even purchased the dance instruction video of his choreographer (Darrin Henson)… yes I did.  Kudos to him.

‘Are You That Somebody’ – Aaliyah

This came out in the height of my dancing days, so you can imagine how much I wanted to be one of Aaliyah’s dancers back then!  I even had my hair in long, single braided extensions, and tried to emulate the style she has in this video.  The dancing definitely made me appreciate the song even more, even though it was already a ‘choon’.  Kudos to the choreographer Fatima Robinson.

‘Rhythm Nation’ – Janet

Janet Jackson gave birth to all these other female artists who feature choreographed dance routines as part of their act.  Nuff said.  Kudos to the choreographer Anthony Thomas.

Click this for the actual music video.

Are there any dancers/wannabe dancers among you?  Which routine would you want to learn?

My 2013 To-Do List


It’s my birthday today folks!  Today I turn a year older and possibly start ticking a new box in the age range section.  As much as I panic when I feel that my age is surpassing my life, I’m forever thankful, because so many people haven’t been fortunate enough to make it this far.  So happy birthday to me!

My birthday falls at a time when people start thinking about what their plans will be for the coming new year, and making their resolutions.  I stopped making new year’s resolutions years ago, because I didn’t really make them wholeheartedly, I was just copying everyone else.  However, after reading my fellow blogging buddy Bim Adewunmi‘s post on her round up of 2012 along with a ‘to-do’ list for 2013, I had a lightbulb moment and decided to do one of my own.  I work a lot better to lists you see…

So my list of things to do/achieve in 2013 is as follows (but not limited to):

Blog more

This goes without saying really! I’m going to make sure I can find more inspiration for posts or create my own inspirations.

Add the letters ‘MUA’ to my title

For the longest time I’ve spoken about wanting to learn make up artistry, so that I can then become freelance, and now that one of my close friends has just become an artist for MAC after teaching herself, my motivation is even stronger.

Get the guy

All I’m saying is that it’s about time to end this single status, so I need to see clear signs and proactivity from ‘him’.

Launch my websites

I have two websites in the pipeline.  Work has already begun on the first one, and the second is still in the ideas stage, but I’m excited about it, because it will be about a subject I have realised I enjoy.


I have at least three trips abroad booked in my head for 2013 and I want to make sure I am able to book them with the airlines!

Find consistent work

In order for me to book those intended holidays, I will need the funds, therefore one thing I need to do in 2013 is work consistently (preferably doing something I enjoy) and make enough money to keep me comfortable at least.

Tackle new opportunities

There are a couple of new projects I have been approached about and I intend to learn more about the areas they involve that I don’t feel 100% confident about, because those who have asked must think I can do it, right?

Wow – I’m going to be busy!!

What are yours?