Hi, My Name Is Frankenstein…


One of my cousins told me that her daughter has made a new friend at her new school… a little girl called Pirouette.¬† I found it so funny.¬† What possible meaning could that name have in relation to the girl’s character or what she wants for her in life??¬† Then my friend told me that she used to work at an airport and came across a traveller called Frankenstein, probably Frank for short.¬† That basically finished me!

So I decided to take to Facebook and ask others what kind of crazy-sounding names they’ve come across in their lifetimes.¬† Be ready to laugh or ask “WTF?”

“Paucaline – a hybrid of Paul and Pascaline”

“Yung Ting”

“Sam Sung”

“Unique which I thought was a bit odd, and Svastika (I know the meaning is all good but please).”

“Wingclips.¬† Her name is Winklette but everyone calls her Winglips.

“Mercy Of God.¬† I went to pick up my nephew from nursery and there it was, STRUGGLING to fit over the name peg.”

“Dolphin, for a little girl.”

“I knew a family whose surname was Jackson, and they named their children Michael, Jermaine, Janet and Jackie!”

“I knew a brother and sister called JR & Sue-Ellen when I was younger.”

“I know someone with the last name Baambaamboom!!!”

“I know of a man called Desire.¬† And a young boy called Storm.¬† And someone said they taught a student by the name of Honest Banana.”

“A boy called Champion, a little girl called Supreme and siblings named Bluebell and Bearblue.”

“I used to work with a man called Raspberry”

“Love Jones”

“I’ll give you a list of common funny English names in Zimbabwe: Prosper , Effort, Backstroke, Freestyle, Butterfly, Coward, Dick, Memory, Shakespeare, Judas”

Aaaaaaand on that bombshell…..

Stop The World – Beyonce Changed Her Hairstyle!!

Source: aceshowbiz.com

Source: aceshowbiz.com

I don’t know how convinced I am that this isn’t just a new lacefront wig, and I also can’t imagine it’ll be very long before she’s swinging her usual style again.¬† Well some of us have been there, done that, and been many other places too…

My current short haircut

My current short haircut

Ombre-ish style

Ombre-ish style

Candy curls

Candy curls

Hippy-ish style

Hippy-ish style

My bob



Curly braids – my fave


Curly wig/quick weave made by Hair By Natrally




2008 short haircut


Pick ‘n’ drop braids

Experimenting is fun innit B?? Try it more!  Viva la hair options!

My Current 5 Fave Web Series

Source: buydvb.net

Source: buydvb.net

2013 has been the year of the web series for me.¬† Even though a lot of them launched in the past couple of years or so, this year I’ve really been getting into them.¬† Since it all seems to be about silly reality shows on TV these days, the web is the next best thing to find what you’re looking for.¬† Not to mention that as talented as all these young creators are, they’re not being given a chance in the mainstream (probably because they actually have talent), so they’ve decided to do for self.¬† It sometimes gets a little complicated for me to keep up with where I am with each episode!¬† Anyway, here are my favourite ones:

Venus vs Mars

This is a funny UK based production.¬† Venus is a level headed young woman, and we follow her on her quest to find true love, which isn’t as easy as it seems.¬† She meets some very off-key characters on the way, and her friends’ relationships also provide entertainment.

The BWNG – Brothers With No Game

Another hilarious UK production, that follows the social and romantic lives of four friends: Theo, Dorian, Junior and Marcus. Facing a ‘quarter-life crisis’, the 20-somethings come to terms with the responsibilities and dilemmas that revolve around work, family, friendships and most notably, women. Their distinctive personalities and ever-changing love lives are paralleled with a strong friendship and one evident, common, trait…they have no game.

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl

This American series follows the life of J as she interacts with co-workers and love interests who place her in uncomfortable situations.¬† The story is told through J’s narration and she reveals how she feels about her circumstances through a voice-over.

Roomie Lover Friends

What happens when a hot guy and an equally hot girl share an apartment and give into the sexual tension?  This American web series depicts the complications that can come into play, when outside factors, e.g love interests are involved.

Hello Cupid

All I will give away is that this is another American series about two best friends experimenting with online dating.  Saying too much will give away how they experiment, but you will either side with one or the other.

Have you watched any of these? If not, have a look at all of them and let me know your thoughts, and also if you have any good’uns to suggest while I wait for all the Season 2s!

Eat, Drink And Be Merry!

I’m going to take the ‘politically correct’ route, the way the Americans do, and wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!

What ever you’re doing, have fun, be safe, eat loads, drink plenty (but responsibly) and enjoy your days off.

I’m off to pour myself (yet another) drink *hic* – CHEERS! *clink*

Let’s Dance at the Redbridge Festival!


I love to dance.¬† I have always loved dancing, since childhood.¬† I was one of those girls who created dance routines with my friends and did performances at school, then later joined a dance group, hoping to go on to be a dancer for famous artists.¬† Being a back-up dancer would be my ideal job I think.¬† Unfortunately as much as I enjoyed dancing I wasn’t quite up to par with the professionals, but I am happy I was able to perform in some¬†decent shows though.

So when I heard about the Redbridge Dance Festival 2011 I figured that the borough has cottoned on to the secret dreams of others like me.  It is a varied mix of projects and showcases that everyone is invited to participate in or just spectate.  There will be intimate dance workshops as well as mass dance collaborations.  The festival is on now and runs until 24 August 2011 in various venues around Redbridge.  In that time they will also be featuring first-class talent from all over the UK, and the best part is that it caters to the whole community Рyoung and old alike.

Some of the featured shows include performances by acts who have been showcased on¬†Live Vibe, which is a platform for up-and-coming talent at the Sadlers Wells and¬†was instrumental in the careers of Flawless, the dance troupe we all remember and loved on Britain’s Got Talent in¬†2009.¬† For those who are salsa lovers, you will be able to catch the I Love Salsa dance¬†squad, who are International Dance Federation World Dance Champions.

If physical activity is not your thing, the festival will also be¬†showcasing dance photography.¬† Photographer Irven Lewis will be exhibiting ‘Stealing Moment’ in the foyer of Central Library from 1st – 17th July.

This festival is perfect for the family, especially as the school summer holidays are coming up, so go on down!

For more information and a timetable of events visit www.redbridge.gov.uk/dance

Wandsworth borough take note!

Are You The Next Face of Fabulous Magazine?

Last Thursday I attended a blogger event for Fabulous Magazine (the supplement that comes with the News of the World newspaper) thank to an invitation from my fellow blogger Ondolady, and it was just as it says on the tin Рfabulous!  Champagne, wine, canapes and cakes Рthose people sure did know how to make a girl feel special.  There were also various glam stations for us to have our hair styled, make-up done, clothing styled (courtesy of New Look) and mini-photoshoot with the poses directed by real models.

The event was to announce and launch Fabulous Magazine’s Face of Fabulous Model search, in conjuction with Next Model Management, which will be taking place via Facebook.¬† The editor, Rachel Richardson, explained that the publication can not ignore the¬†impact that¬†bloggers have¬†to spread information about any given subject, since the public have placed trust in them as well as other social networks.¬† The total blog numbers of those in the room reaches an estimated 2 million hits.

The winner of the competition will receive a one-year modelling contract with Next models, a cover-shoot in New York City for Fabulous magazine, and will be one of the few non-celebrity cover stars.  So are you a supermodel in the making or do you know someone who is? Click here to enter!  Good luck!

Right, now I’m off to continue trawling through the fat goodie bags we received!

Bloggiversary Recap: Guest Blogs

Every so often it’s nice to invite people into your space, because you can¬†discover new and different things from them.¬† Over the past year I have learned that the blogging community is very supportive of one another, and it’s so refreshing.¬† Among those I know and follow, there are no rivalries.¬† People share new information with each other without hesitation.¬† I intend to feature more guest posts from those whose blogs and writing¬†I admire.¬† Have a look at three of my blogging friends¬†I have featured so far..


The Hopeful Romantic was kind enough to answer a question I¬†had been asking myself for a while and¬†in the period leading up to Valentine’s Day: Why Should I Be Hopeful About Finding Love?¬† I read her blog¬†frequently, and at that time¬†wondered why she remained so positive after having her heart broken.¬† Have a read and see what she had to say…

In honour of the 10th anniversary of International Women’s Day, pop culture blogger¬†Ondolady (a good friend of¬†this blog)¬†compiled her own list of women she admires, off the back of the list of 100 inspirational women that The Guardian newspaper published.¬† Do you agree with them?¬†Click here

To read more of my guests’ work, take a look at their sites:

The Hopeful Romantic – www.thehopefulromantic.co.uk

Ondo Lady – www.themusingsofondolady.blogspot.com