Bloggiversary Recap: Guest Blogs

Every so often it’s nice to invite people into your space, because you can discover new and different things from them.  Over the past year I have learned that the blogging community is very supportive of one another, and it’s so refreshing.  Among those I know and follow, there are no rivalries.  People share new information with each other without hesitation.  I intend to feature more guest posts from those whose blogs and writing I admire.  Have a look at three of my blogging friends I have featured so far..


The Hopeful Romantic was kind enough to answer a question I had been asking myself for a while and in the period leading up to Valentine’s Day: Why Should I Be Hopeful About Finding Love?  I read her blog frequently, and at that time wondered why she remained so positive after having her heart broken.  Have a read and see what she had to say…

In honour of the 10th anniversary of International Women’s Day, pop culture blogger Ondolady (a good friend of this blog) compiled her own list of women she admires, off the back of the list of 100 inspirational women that The Guardian newspaper published.  Do you agree with them? Click here

To read more of my guests’ work, take a look at their sites:

The Hopeful Romantic –

Ondo Lady –



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