Hi, My Name Is Frankenstein…


One of my cousins told me that her daughter has made a new friend at her new school… a little girl called Pirouette.  I found it so funny.  What possible meaning could that name have in relation to the girl’s character or what she wants for her in life??  Then my friend told me that she used to work at an airport and came across a traveller called Frankenstein, probably Frank for short.  That basically finished me!

So I decided to take to Facebook and ask others what kind of crazy-sounding names they’ve come across in their lifetimes.  Be ready to laugh or ask “WTF?”

“Paucaline – a hybrid of Paul and Pascaline”

“Yung Ting”

“Sam Sung”

“Unique which I thought was a bit odd, and Svastika (I know the meaning is all good but please).”

“Wingclips.  Her name is Winklette but everyone calls her Winglips.

“Mercy Of God.  I went to pick up my nephew from nursery and there it was, STRUGGLING to fit over the name peg.”

“Dolphin, for a little girl.”

“I knew a family whose surname was Jackson, and they named their children Michael, Jermaine, Janet and Jackie!”

“I knew a brother and sister called JR & Sue-Ellen when I was younger.”

“I know someone with the last name Baambaamboom!!!”

“I know of a man called Desire.  And a young boy called Storm.  And someone said they taught a student by the name of Honest Banana.”

“A boy called Champion, a little girl called Supreme and siblings named Bluebell and Bearblue.”

“I used to work with a man called Raspberry”

“Love Jones”

“I’ll give you a list of common funny English names in Zimbabwe: Prosper , Effort, Backstroke, Freestyle, Butterfly, Coward, Dick, Memory, Shakespeare, Judas”

Aaaaaaand on that bombshell…..


3 comments on “Hi, My Name Is Frankenstein…

  1. I’ll add my unusual names as I don’t have fb at the moment, not disssing them though just adding to the research, Hannibal, Indigo River Mountain and Huckleberry Finn- they are brother and sister. Some of the ones you posted can not be reall- Yung ting, mercy of god, dick and backstroke- I’d be so angry!!! I like Storm for a dog though, kinda want to call my dog that.

    Oh yeah and another two, they are sisters, Ruby Amber Green and Theresa Eva Green- those two are more of a play on words than really out there.

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