Tweet Of The Day – @djswooshuk

Like many others, I spend a whole lot of my day on Twitter and I’m not ashamed, because there are too many jokes to be had and too many things to learn from every day people like you and me.  Honestly – those of you who look down on it, please stop! It’s an amazing creation and I’ve met so many good people via this medium.  So I’ve decided to start this new section called ‘Tweet Of The Day,’ which will feature a tweet that has either made me laugh the loudest, think the hardest or that I simply couldn’t agree with more.  I may include a tweet that I think is extremely stupid, but I will prefix it with ‘Dumb Tweet Of The Day’ instead, and I won’t give their Twitter handle; if you want to follow them, it’ll be up to you to find them yourselves.  Also because I have a life I may not be able to post one every day, but my intention is to find one as often as possible.  So here’s my first one!

*The word should say ‘teacher’ not ‘teaher’

A lot of you won’t understand this tweet.  Basically there is an Afrobeats song called ‘The Thing’ by a Ghanaian artist called Atumpan, and some of the lyrics of the chorus have been included in the tweet.  I know the Megan situation isn’t really something that should be joked about, but we can all rest easy, because she has been found safe and well.  I just thought it was hilarious, because the lyrics are just so apt!  I’m sure Ghanaians and Afrobeat lovers will feel me on this!

For those who don’t know, here is the song:


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