Nonsense From My Day


During an episode of Big Brother UK, Gina said “irregardless” twice in one sentence.  I maintain that this isn’t a word, though I’ve been told that those who use it are combining “irrespective” and “regardless”.  Then what’s the problem with using one of those on its own?  Sorry, but it’s still not a proper word.


Then I switch it over and Jeremy Kyle is on.  I can’t take this show, I can feel my brain cells burning while watching it, but because there was jack sh*t else to watch and I was getting dressed, I left it on as background noise.  That’s when I heard Jeremy say “This 20-month year-old child…”  Sorry?  20-month year-old child?  Ok.  Maybe I’m missing something.  Do any of you know what your parents did on your 20-month year’th birthday?  No?  Me either.


My friend Delali told me that she was looking at a recipe for ‘Mackerel salad with spinach & avocado’, and in the description it said that you would need “two rashers of bacon.”  Maybe again I’m missing something, so I’ll repeat what the recipe was for:  Mackerel salad with spinach and avocado.  Mackerel is fish right?  Or is there a new species of pig also called a ‘mackerel’ that I didn’t know about?  WHAT’S WITH THIS COUNTRY’S OBSESSION WITH PUTTING PORK IN EVERYTHING????  Swines.


I’ve realised that every time I step out of my home, the breeze or general air makes my Blackberry device start behaving like a nutcase and it scrolls all by itself, usually downwards.  All the way to the bottom of whatever page it’s on, and I then look like I’m having a fight with it when I’m trying to type.  I’m really hating my Blackberry right now, and I can not wait until December!  Upgrade time 🙂


So basically what the stores are telling me is that if you are a woman with an ample bosom, you can’t expect to wear a pretty or sexy bra.  In order to purchase a pretty or sexy bra, you will literally have to sacrifice one of your bill payments, or go without food for a while.  Is that what you’re telling me, stores?  So many of these nice bras only go up to certain sizes, as if (most of) the rest of us are to blame for our sizes!  Hmpf.

Let me pour myself a drink and block out any further nonsense…


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