Random Thoughts & Observations From The Office II

Source: unlimitedlolzzz.com

Source: unlimitedlolzzz.com


Check me getting here within 90 minutes of the agency call! The life of a temp, eh?

Aww these people are nice. I feel like a permanent staff member.

Oh my gosh, I’m actually starving now and there’s no non-carby thing for me to have as my breakfast.  Grrr… Today is gonna be a Many Cups of Tea kinda day…

See that’s what I like – non-judgey people who understand that you should be happy in your job.

Hmm… I don’t want to wear these clothes to go out tonight, but what to wear, what to wear?

Maaaan… that egg & cress roll has taken me about 3 hours to eat and now I feel like I must look pregnant.  Bloated like whaaaat.  I’ll just go for a walk on my break methinks.

Hahahaha! Someone just called me ‘Wonderful Wendi’ on the phone.  Isn’t that what I’ve been telling people for years???!

Woah… some of these phone calls are hardcore.

My silly friends need to stop making me laugh while I sit here alone!

I should really go for a pedicure on the way home today.

Uh-oh… The afternoon sleepy feeling is starting to creep in…

If it was possible for me to eat nothing all day on Monday and feel fine, I would.  The way I’m feeling right now, I don’t know how my carnival costume is gonna look… Curses to delicious refined carbs!

Hahahahahaha! One of the guys just said that he feels unloved, because he has no mail.  Then he joked “I blame you Wendi.  It’s up to you to take care of my mail needs…”  Then he quickly retracted the statement and ran out, because of how it sounded!

But seriously, what is a ‘prayer warrior’?  I’m gonna have to Google it.

Not replying to someone’s message from days ago is just rude and ignorant behaviour.  Anyway…

I need to find out if they need me here again tomorrow.


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