Insane for doing Insanity!



After having my fibroid surgery last December, I became a complete stranger to the notion of exercise.  Initially I used the fact that I had to heal as my reason for not doing it.  Then it became a case of me knowing that I’ve put on a few pounds, so I needed to exercise, but being okay with it because I knew that I’d have that ‘Eureka’ moment where I’d see a photo of myself that I’d hate, or some such.  That moment came last month when I realised I had two months until I have to parade myself in a fabulous costume on the streets of London at Notting Hill Carnival.  Coincidentally around the same time, my brother came home with the Insanity workout DVD set, saying he was going to give it a go.

Now understand this about me; I don’t enjoy exercising.  It’s not fun to me.  The only time I enjoy exercising is when I don’t realise I’m doing it, like dancing all day at Carnival, or dancing all night at a party.  But I realised it was time to do something, so like an insane woman I told my brother that I would join him, since I’d heard so much about it.

This workout is crazy (hence the name)!  It’s a 60-day program, devised by American fitness trainer and choreographer Shaun T, and divided into two months.  You workout six days a week.  In Month 1 the workouts are an average of 40 minutes, which is good, but they are extremely high-impact and the sort of sweat produced is akin to being caught in torrential rainfall.  You have workouts like Pure Cardio, Cardio Power & Resistance, Cardio Abs, and Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  What does ‘plyometric’ even mean??  Even Cardio Recovery is designed to make you ache (whether intentionally or not)!  In Month 2 the workouts are about an hour each, and way more intense.  I haven’t reached Month 2 yet, but all I hear from people is “You think Month 1 is hard, wait till Month 2!”  Therefore I’m not going to look at what it will entail until we reach that stage.   The problem is I’ve seen the results on a loved one who stuck to this ‘insanity’ and I know it works, so I’m going to continue with it – kicking and screaming of course.  Shaun T may be very easy one the eye, but he’s not easy on my poor body, so I’m not his friend *Folds arms and sulks like a child*

On a sidenote:  There a chick who participates in the DVds called Tania who, from what I’ve seen online, almost everyone seems to hate out of PURE jealousy.  She’s fit as hell, looks like she’s only pretending to be tired, and kinda comes across as the teacher’s pet.  I blame Shaun T.  Everything is his fault.


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