Random Thoughts and Observations From The Office

Source: cavemancircus.com

Source: cavemancircus.com

There should be a fudge flavoured vodka.  Mmm… I’d love that!

Some women carry their pregnancy so well, you wouldn’t even know from behind.  I hope I’m like that.  Paaahahahahahaha!  I doubt it.

If I ever have my own office, the essential items needed will be: a microwave, a kettle, a fridge, a sink and a radio.

“Chivalry isn’t dead, just limping a bit.”  This guy in the office is funny.

The sandwich lady asked me if ginger beer is alcohol.  I’m still laughing.

I can’t wait till this Saturday.  Some fun socialising with old friends, they better come!  I need to make sure my hair works.

It’s nice when nice people remember your name.

I’m gonna miss my Blackberry email when I finally change my phone.

Why does this country like pork in EVERYTHING????

When will I go to California again?  Actually this year better not go by without me getting on a plane…

I’m starting to feel sleepy now… only an hour ago…

Ooh tomorrow looks like it could be a dress day.

Uh-oh, I’m gonna have to either waste the rest of this ginger beer or carry the can on my journey home. Long.  Cans are so much pressure man!

Hahahahaha, the woman thought ginger beer is alcohol.  Classic.

I hope these people don’t think that me leaving at exactly 5.30 means I can’t wait to go.  I’m happy it’s home time though.  Hmm.. I think I’ll wait and pee at home.



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