What I’m Looking Forward To At Carnival This Year

My 2009 costume, fave so far

My 2009 costume, fave so far

In exactly two weeks from today, I will be on the streets of London, wearing a fabulous costume while participating in the Notting Hill Carnival.  My excitement is starting to build up (along with the panic of getting my body to look sufficient for said costume).  I love playing Mas (masquerade/being in costume) with a band, because in my opinion it’s the most fun you can have on the day, and the safest way to attend.  The band I will be with are called United Colours of Mas – UCOM.  I can’t wait to:

Dance to Soca music alllllllll day –  Soca is basically the happiest music in the world, so this is the time of year for me to dance my a*se off like no one is watching.

Put on my costume – This will be my 8th year of being on the road with a Carnival band, and 7th year in costume (I had to take a break one year).  You just automatically feel fabulous when you have your costume on, and get to apply your make up in zany, creative ways, which only adds to the fabulousness of it all.  The public also make you feel like a celebrity when they constantly want to take photos with you.

Drink without judgement – I’m not one to walk around the streets in just a bra and short shorts, so liquid courage is a necessity.  It’s just a plus that I enjoy the taste of some of it too.  Mine’s a rum, thanks 🙂

See the other bands on the road – There are an assortment of floats on the road for Carnival, and it’s always fun to go and explore the various themes they’re exhibiting, and find other friends who are taking part.  Although the carnival is predominantly Caribbean-based, there’s at least one Ghanaian float that I have to find and show my support for!

Meet new people – Every year it seems we make new friends at Carnival, and meeting new Soca lovers is alright with me.

For those of you who are playing Mas for first time this year, I’ll post a checklist of things to do and have with you on the day.  For those of you just attending the Carnival, look out for UCOM!

Do you participate?  Who do you play with?


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