God Is All Around Me


I have just completed a week’s temp work at a Christian organisation, and I must say I quite enjoyed it.  It was so weird to work at a place where everyone believes in God.  Weird in a good way, because it’s not something that I’ve been used to.  I would walk past colleagues having conversations, and hear ‘God’ mentioned, and it would make me raise my eyebrows in slight surprise or just smile.  I was working on Reception, so I received many many calls per day, and a lot of callers would sign off with a “God bless you” or “Have a blessed day”, and it made me feel like “Aww, in’t that lovely?”  An email sign off I saw did make me laugh though.  Instead of the usual “Kind regards” it said “Christ’s own”.  I’m going to start using that!

Dear Employer,

I am interested in this vacancy and would like some more information please.

Thank you.

Christ’s own,


I think people are afraid of those who believe in God, because they think it automatically means they are ‘bible-bashers’ who will spend their time preaching to them.  But it doesn’t mean that at all.  Of course there are people who take it to an extreme in every faith, but by the same token, there are people who practice their faith in private, and you wouldn’t even know.  I’m definitely guilty of stereotyping people by their appearance at times (who doesn’t?) and some of the staff at the organisation were people I would never have imagined being in a church unless it was their friend’s wedding.  I put it down to this; on the surface this country claims to be a Christian one, but the actions say different.  The first time I heard that a worker had been suspended or fired for refusing to take off their necklace of a cross, I thought it must be a joke.  Just in case it offends people.  Offends who for why??  What kind of Grade-A nonsense is that??  How is that person wearing their chain and going about their duties affecting your life??  If you don’t follow their faith, fine!  Do you and they’ll do them!  But I’m pretty sure that people are now being told to tuck such chains inside or not wear them to avoid issues at work.  But yet this is a Christian country?  Alright, gotcha.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a religious person, I’m more spiritual.  I absolutely believe in God and I pray every day, I just don’t attend any particular church at the moment.  That’s not to say I won’t ever do so, because I believe if it’s meant for me it will be.  Everyone who is meant to will get their ‘calling’ at a time that’s right for them.  My mum is a proud Jehovah’s Witness (I’m not interested in any jokes or rude comments) and it makes me happy to see her so passionate about something, so the chances are that could well be my first stop.

It’s all in God’s hands 🙂