Do Nots & Don’ts Of A Successful Workplace



I know I keep talking about work related things, but the fact is that that’s what’s pretty much taking up most of my thoughts, as I search for that elusive permanent position.  Over the past year (at least) I’ve worked in quite a few different offices as a temp or freelancer, so I’ve noticed different practices that, to me, don’t make particular offices ideal places to be for a minimum of eight hours of your day. There are some things I just think you shouldn’t do if you want to create a happy work day or workplace…


Trust me, I’ve learned.  The thing with incompetent people is that they can be dangerous, because they know you could do their job better than they can.  There are some who, instead of learning how to be better, will sneakily suck up to the boss and tell tales to try and get you removed from your position, because you pose a real threat to theirs.  If you are able to avoid working directly with an incompetent person – do it!


Do you know how much money you can save in a week if there’s a microwave to warm your leftovers from last night??  So much!  As long as there is also a kettle, mugs, teabags, teaspoons and sugar in the office, you won’t feel like your pay is just money you’re getting back for expenses.


If you’re a manager or boss, there is no harm in thanking your staff for their efforts.  I brought this up in a conversation with someone recently, and they said, “But if you’re getting paid, why do you need to be thanked?”  Because, my learned friend, there are times when you have gone above and beyond your call of duty (also known as your contract), and acknowledgement would be nice.  You don’t have to spend your time making someone else’s dream a reality, so a little “Thank you for your hard work” wouldn’t go amiss.

What others can you think of from your experiences?

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