Dear Everyone, Block block block block…



Dear Everyone,

I’m not sure if you’d noticed, but I’ve been taking part in a blogging challenge created by super-blogger Luvvie called ’31 Write Now’, where I have to publish a post every day for the 31 days of August.  The first week was okay, I was able to line up the topics I wanted to write about, in advance.  The second week, I started slowing down slightly, but I would find inspiration at the last minute.

This is the third week now and I am starting to get stressed out!  I have a couple of post ideas to come for certain dates, but right now I’m just BLOCKED.  I’ve been wracking my brain, surfing the web, monitoring Facebook and Twitter and chatting on the phone, all in search of inspiration.  I didn’t actually want to mention that I was doing a challenge, I just wanted you to enjoy the frequent posts – I know they were way overdue!  But for the sake of writing, I’m sharing my current feelings with you.

As a writer you are always told by the experts that the only way to be better is to just keep writing.  Even if you think what you’re writing is nonsense, just write, write, write.  I have great difficulty with this, because I’m the type who won’t do something if I think it won’t work or be good (a trait I’m slowly working on changing), but today I’m putting that theory to practice, and admittedly I’ve written more than I thought I would.

So now I’m going to retire the stressing for the day, and just see what happens tomorrow.

Thank you for listening, and have a lovely evening.


4 comments on “Dear Everyone, Block block block block…

  1. This was me Sunday. Sometimes topics just fall in my lap like my post for tomorrow and the one from yesterday. Other times I struggle. I do have some saved in MS word or in my drafts but I have to be in a certain mood to share them (if that makes sense.)

  2. Exactly this! All of this!

    The other type of “block” I’ve experienced is that “I only can write on one depressing topic” and that’s what’ been hard for me. People love those posts and appreciate my being so open…but I wanna write on happy things. Like my colorful shoe collection or my ability to fall over nothing. Sheesh. Who knows?

    Hmm, I think one day I’m just going to write about whatever comes to my mind.

    Thanks for this!

    • I have the same problem! It’s very easy for me to write openly and honestly, and I have to remember that this particular blog isn’t for that.

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