Should wine be watered down?


On Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff this morning, one of the topics they discussed was about the Health Minister, Earl Howe, proposing that alcohol – particlarly wine – be watered down, in order to preserve the livers of the middle class.  They are well-known for rewarding themselves with a bottle of wine or two after a hard day’s work.

Now this is my problem; if I and my girls want to have a bottle of wine or two in preparation of a night out, or even during a night out, why should we have to suffer weak wine, because there are richer people out there who drink it like it’s fruit juice?  Just because you’ve spent the day telling your assistant what to do, you think your day has been hard and must numb it with  alcohol.  But yet apparently NHS figures show that professionals are almost twice as likely to drink heavily than those on lower incomes, and I think that if those of us of a “lower class” did the same, we’d probably labelled as alcoholic wasters.  You’ve got to laugh really.  Who is forcing people to drink two bottles of wine a day for dinner?  Who is forcing people to have liquid lunches?  No one.  Therefore there is no need to weaken the content, because as Ghanaians would say: “It’s not by force.”

According to an article in the Daily Fail Mail:

alcohol consumption has, on average, been falling since 2004.

This clearly can not be the case if they feel they need to water it down!

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