Who Remembers: The Simple Good Ole Days

Old days

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Every Thursday on the social networks people post old photos using the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday.  It basically means they’re showing you something from back in the day.  I’m not about to show you any embarrassing photo of myself for you to laugh me out the country, so instead I’m going to reminisce about the good old days when things just didn’t seem so complicated.

Who remembers when we were allowed to play outside freely and without fear?  In my case it wasn’t just playing out in the front where my parents could see me, my brothers, friends and I would go all the way around the block, or to the open space behind the houses opposite.  Every so often we would run back into the house to get a drink or a snack, and that killed two birds, because it also let our parents know we were fine.  I’m pretty sure we were getting the required amount of exercise needed for children too.

Who remembers when being a student felt like you were at your richest?  In my day we were given a grant by our local councils, which took care of the University fees, so you had money from parents and/or your Student Loan to spend.  Clothes and parties galore!  Now that I think about it, I don’t know why I never went on any holidays during that time… Hmm.  And whoever said that 10 years after graduating, The Student Loans Company will write off your debt, is a damn liar!

Source: reticentworld.tumblr.com

Source: reticentworld.tumblr.com

Who remembers when baggy clothes on girls/women was sexy?  The baggier your jeans, the better!  A loose baseball, basketball or checked flannel shirt with leggings and trainers – hot!  Your hair didn’t always have to be perfect, because bandanas were in fashion.  There was no pressure to have the perfect shape outlined in your tight clothes.  Girls and guys almost dressed the same and it was cool.  All those hip-hop clothing labels were on fire – Karl Kani, Dada, Phat Farm, Fubu.  Man, I truly do miss the 90s.

Who remembers going to a playscheme during the summer holidays?  Ok, this might not be relevant to all, but at my primary school they had a playscheme/playcentre for the first three weeks of the summer holidays.  It was the best thing ever.  We paid 10p for the morning session and 10p for the afternoon.  They had boardgames, scooters, bikes, sports events and – best of all – two trips to the seaside or theme parks at no extra cost!  I think it was mostly funded by the local council.  Did I mention it was the best thing ever??

Who remembers when McDonalds was a treat?  Before we were forced to acknowledge that the food is made of crap, it was one of the biggest treats.  My mum always used to take us there on the last day of a school holiday, and we’d always get Big Mac, chips, apple pie and milkshake.  Then when they came up with the meals, they weren’t even known as well by their names (Big Mac Meal or Quarter Pounder Meal) as they were by the price – £2.88 Meal.  £2.88 for a meal!  How much could you feed yourself at McDonalds with £2.88 today? Pfff.

Who remembers when the music industry was exciting?  MTV actually played music videos.  A new music video was an event (especially a Michael Jackson one).  We weren’t inundated with music channels, so seeing your favourite artists’ new videos or performances on Top of the Pops or The Chart Show and recording them on your VHS video was a must!  It meant something for an artist to get to number one.  It meant something even bigger for an artist to be Christmas number one.  We bought new singles for 99p on cassette or £1.99 on CD from Our Price, Virgin Megastore or HMV almost every Monday.  Music was just fun!

What else do you remember?


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