Is It All Downhill From 30??

A study of 2,000 women conducted by Superdrug has revealed that women apparently start struggling against the signs of ageing when they turn 29.  We spend our teens trying to look older (probably to get into clubs or attract that hot college guy), but become satisfied with our looks in our early 20s, only for the worrying to begin in our late 20s.  The Buying Director for Superdrug, Andrew Groom said: “Some women may always worry about how they look, but it is incredible to think that those who are still in the prime of their life at age 29 are already worrying about the effect ageing will have on their face and body.”

It’s incredible indeed, and quite sad, but not unusual.  I remember coming across an old questionnaire I had filled in, and in the section asking for my age I wrote “23 (it’s downhill from here!).”  Now here I am over 10 years later and I’m still standing!  Admittedly I was one of those who started panicking heavily at the prospect of turning 30, but it wasn’t from a beauty perspective, as I have always been told I don’t look my age, and my beauty regime is literally non-existent compared to what other women go through daily (something I’m wondering whether I need to rectify or carry on as is).  My worries came from the feeling that my life was nowhere near what I thought it should be for someone in their 30s.  I wasn’t working full-time in the career I’d chosen, or I wasn’t married with at least one child, or anywhere near marriage, or I wasn’t basking in the comfort of money and luxury.  To me, my life hadn’t caught up with my age at all, and I was the first of my immediate circle of friends to hit the big 3-0.

But the beauty of ageing (in most cases) is wisdom.  I learned that the mistake I was making was to compare myself to others, which is exactly what we shouldn’t do, even if for the sake of our sanity.  In the case of beauty, when images of celebrities in all their photoshopped and cosmetic surgery glory are thrust upon us constantly, some can’t help but to compare themselves.  The best thing to do is make sure you’re looking after yourself as best you can, because you ARE going to age whether you like it or not.  We’re only human.  I still struggle not to base my achievements on my peers, but gradually I’m accepting that we each have our own path, and it’s up to us to find and follow it.

Many times I have heard people say that once you turn 30, you’ll realise you didn’t know as much as you thought you did in your 20s, and I have to agree.  Trust me when I say that it is not downhill after 30.


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