Withhold The Reality Cheque!

I will never deny that I contribute to the ratings of a few reality television shows.  For me it started back in 1992 with what I consider to be the original reality show (of my lifetime) MTV’s The Real World.  Mmmm… how I fancied Eric Nies from the first season.  It was true reality TV, because this was literally a case of the cameras following “seven strangers… picked to live in a house… and have their lives taped.. to find out what happens… when people stop being polite… and start getting real” (check me remembering the whole introductory spiel!). There was hardly any fake, playing up to the camera type nonsense.

Forward to the year 2000, and we were introduced to the UK’s Big Brother on Channel 4, of which I followed at least nine of the 11 series, and a few of the “celebrity” versions they wove in between (some being as famous as me).  Again, in my opinion the only series deserving of the ‘reality’ title was the first one, as the housemates had no idea whether we, the public, were watching them survive with fellow strangers and no contact with the outside world.  It was an interesting experiment.  It was after the success of that series that all the wannabes flocked to the auditions, and Big Brother became a melting pot of circus-like acts hungry for fame and attention.

Fast forward a few years more and we were introduced to the current trend of shows giving us an insight to how celebrities and their families live, which started with The Osbournes (as far as I know).  I didn’t follow that one so much, because I just wasn’t very interested and I couldn’t relate to any of them.  But now in 2011 it’s just ridiculous!  The only shows we seem have available to us are so-called reality shows, which are now just too obviously scripted and making celebrities of people who don’t have an ounce of talent and are the ‘famous for being famous’ crew, which I think was started by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and their ridiculously scripted show The Simple Life.  Nowadays there are FAR TOO MANY to mention.  The current matriarchs of this trend are the Kardashian family.  They have Keeping Up With The Kardashians which follows the whole family, and admittedly I do watch it, then the spin-offs featuring individuals from the family, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, which I don’t follow so much.  Now I’m hearing that the youngest sisters will be given their own show.  Gawd save us.  The popularity of the most famous Kardashian, Kim, seems to be dwindling, thanks to her 72 day marriage that people are now seeing as fake and just for the sake of the cameras and money.  There’s even an online petition to get the Kardashians’ shows off our screens!  With a bit of luck, I just might muster up some sympathy, but don’t hold your breath.

Please don’t get me started on how much I dislike the look of the  fake crap that is The Only Way Is Essex, Made In Chelsea and Desperate Scousewives, because that is a whole other blog post.

Now the latest shows that make me scream “Enough is enough!!” are All About Aubrey on the E! network, and the as yet untitled reality show that will be starring….. wait for it….. Clint Eastwood and his family!!  CLINT EASTWOOD.  Why??  He’s a film legend!  Is he broke and desperate now?!  Maaaaan.  And Aubrey… Who??  Who gives a shite about her besides family and friends?  Do you even know who she is?  I only know, because I try to keep up to date with the entertainment news.  She’s a member of a now defunct girl group called Danity Kane, who won one of P Diddy’s Making The Band shows, and now she has a rubber looking trout pout.  Only her friends and family care what she’s up to, and they can find out through phone calls, why does it need cameras following her?!

I call for television producers and networks to have their pay withheld until they stop commissioning lazy reality shows, and start using their brains and creativity to produce proper entertainment!  Call it punishment, like being grounded.  What happened to dramas? Comedies? Game shows?  Remember those?  Right now it’s a case of these people making a quick buck, and I think that’s sad.  Give the up-and-coming new producers and script-writers a chance, for goodness sake.  You current ones are just taking up valuable space in the industry!

PS:  There’s always some smart Alec who says, “Well if you don’t want to watch it, turn the channel or switch the TV off.”  Yes I know, but why should I have to?

Reality Shows I Ashamedly Enjoy

Real Housewives of Atlanta – I can’t tell you why I like watching this, because I really don’t know.

Basketball Wives – It’s fascinating to see how shameful these grown women behave, fighting and arguing, and I thank God I’m not that way.

Love & Hip-Hop – As with Basketball Wives, it’s interesting because so many girls aspire to marry rappers and ballers, but yet this shows that they don’t have lives you should envy, and how hard it is to stay relevant in the music industry.

Reality Shows I’ve Sampled That Shouldn’t Have Been Made

Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business – Their lives just aren’t that interesting.  Ray J believes his own hype too much and it’s very annoying.

Tia & Tamera – I was happy thinking they were just nice girls, but Tamera came across as a selfish control freak.  Not good and not that interesting.

Mel B: It’s A Scary World – No it’s not, it’s a boring world.


2 comments on “Withhold The Reality Cheque!

  1. Omg! I loved Tia & Tamera, it was like car crash TV. I kept cringing and watching each week. They got the highest ratings for Style Network ever. Twice. I now also know which one was rude to me, every time I ran into her..Tamera.

  2. *slow claps and stands up* Thank you! This is what I’ve been saying for ages. There’s nothing more irritating than these “scripted reality shows”. They just stink of lazy broadcasting. The sad thing is that Essex and Chelsea continue to be popular and don’t really show any signs of slowing down 😦

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