Bloggiversary Recap: Who Remembers?

It’s no secret that I enjoy reminiscing about the old school, the good old days.  Things just seemed so much more fun, easy, and sometimes corny – but it was okay!  So the ‘Who Remembers?’ section of this blog is dedicated to my memories of what was popular (in my life) while I was growing up.

Blossom : This reminds me of being at school, where almost all the girls would watch this show on a Friday evening, and on Monday we’d discuss how Joey suddenly became so hot!

Motorola m301 : The brick! I’m pretty sure everyone had a version of this phone. Was your experience of the phone the same as mine? And did you know there was a larger version before this one??

‘Regulate’ by Warren G & Nate Dogg : This wasn’t so much a  remembrance of the song (because who could forget it??) but more of a chance for you to check out the hilarious literal translation of the lyrics.

Garbage Pail Kids : This post has generated the most clicks on the blog, which shows me that EVERYONE must have collected the cards as I did back in the day!

Smash Hits : Who didn’t love this magazine?? It was a product for a generation in its heyday, and I would go as far as to say it probaby kick-started my interest in the media and music industry.

What do you remember?


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