Bloggiversary Recap: Features

I have tried to cover various relevant topics in my feature section, and they are usually issues I know about or have experienced in some form. Enjoy what there is so far, because there’s more to come!

Baby Mother vs Single Mother : What is the correct term for a mother who is no longer with the father of her child? Are there particular behaviours displayed, depending on the title a woman chooses or allows herself to be known as?  Unfortunately in my experience of other women (because I’m not yet a mother) I think there are, and they are not all positive.

Boy Toys – To Play Or Not To Play : Many single women are finding it hard to meet decent men their own age, so what about dating a toy boy? It works for the celebs – look at Madonna, she seems incapable of dating within her age group.  Is age really nothing but a number or is there an issue of maturity?  Would you do it?

A Blindin’ Drinking Game : This time last year we were alerted to a new drinking craze sweeping through universities.  I’m not even going to reveal what these supposed future scholars of Britain were doing to get drunk, just click on the story.  Utter nonsensical nonsense.  Yes, nonsensical nonsense.

What Makes Good Hair :  Last year I attended a special screening of Chris Rock‘s docu-movie Good Hair, which featured a Q&A session with the man himself. We learned about the lengths black women go to, to have what they consider to be ‘good hair.’  It was very interesting, and extremely thought-provoking.  Have a read of my review and learn some new things.



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