My Blogging Tools

As a writer, I love the fact that someone thought to come up with the idea of a Web log.  Blogs are like owning your very own magazine, where you have free reign to make it however you choose, in whatever voice you want others to hear.  There are so many blogs available to read online, over 156 million apparently, and they cover the most informative to the most random subjects you could think of.

Today, in conjuction with my blogging buddies at The Musings of Ondolady and Let’s Go Deeper, I’m going to share my blogging tools with you.  I’ve previously spoken about my blogging space over on Ondolady’s blog, but this time these will be the things that help me create these posts you so lovingly read on here.  I mean, I don’t just magic them from the air, do I?? 

My Eyes and Ears

You probably expected it to just feature technological gadgets, but think about it – how would I know what to write about if I hadn’t seen or heard things around me?  Exactly.  These two, that I am extremely thankful are in full working order, are the starting point for ideas on what to write here or anywhere I’m asked to.

My HP Probook 4510s Laptop

I don’t know why, but it took me years to finally purchase a laptop of my own.  Beforehand I was using my Dell PC to do the work I had or just surf the net or download music.  I still have it, but it has been relegated, because of this new gadget. I’ve had it for less than six months, so it still feels quite new to me, and I’m still learning new things.  My only gripe is that this particular laptop didn’t come with Microsoft Office already installed, but I soon sorted that problem out.

My Blackberry 9700 (White)

I LOVE my Blackberry, and it’s something that Let’s Go Deeper doesn’t understand.  I’m not that much of an ‘app’ driven person, so in this day of Blackberry vs. iPhone, I’m Team Blackberry all the way.  And it’s so pretty too.  With blogging, my Blackberry comes in handy, because I have the Wordpress application installed, so if I randomly come up with an idea for a post while on my travels, I can quickly jot it down using my phone and edit it when I get home to my laptop. 🙂 I also use it to take quick photos I might need, because it’s a lot more convenient for me than using my actual digital camera, because obviously I can upload pictures a lot quicker.

My Notepad

I am such a loser when it comes to notepads and notebooks, and when I am in a stationery shop I get so excited!  All I think about is what I can use them all for.  This particular one I’m currently using was one I got free with a magazine, and even though you can see it looks slightly battered in the photo, what you can’t see is exactly HOW battered it actually is – the pages of the book itself have come apart from the cover, that’s how much I use it.  I write down any ideas I have, day-to-day lists, seminar/networking notes, etc.  No one can say I don’t use it!

And there you have it!  Fellow bloggers – what do you use?  Are they similar to what Ondolady or Let’s Go Deeper use?


3 comments on “My Blogging Tools

  1. I can vouch for the state of that notebook lolol. The day I see you using a new one I might pass out…..

  2. LOL I love this and like you I am Team Blackberry all the waaaaay! Apps? Who needs em? Not me. I also love a notepad as well, the prettier the better.

  3. Hahaha, you guys don’t even realise how many apps you use on your phone on a daily basis. Oh, well – ignorance is bliss, I guess. Wendi I love your “Eyes & Ears” first, that’s brilliant and so creative. Says a lot that you drew on that first…

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