It’s A Jungle Out There

Towards the end of last year I made the decision, one that some have described as “bold”, to quit my day job and pursue my writing dream, in an effort to forge the type of career I have wanted for a long time.  It’s a risk I’ve never taken before! It’s different! It’s exciting! Or is it…?

Yesterday it dawned on me just how overwhelming job hunting can be, and as a result – against my initial plan – it was pretty much an unproductive day, which really disappointed me to be honest.  In my head I had a plan of action: I was going to apply to agencies through the internet and via phone calls.  I was going to search the media sites for current vacancies and apply for relevant posts, and I was going to write and publish a blog post.  But for some reason I just couldn’t focus on one thing.  I would start the agency search online, then spot a vacancy and so open up my email to apply, but draw a blank on the cover letter, so search through previously sent emails for an idea of what to write, then spot a new job alert in my inbox, open that up, go to that website, then search through the current vacancies there, completely forgetting what I was supposed to be doing initially.  Throw in the Twitter and Facebook queries for ideas that popped into my head, and it was just a lost cause!

Today I made a list of exactly what I wanted to achieve: 

1. Contact at least five agencies

2. Make a list of companies to target

3. Publish a blog post  (which is all a part of my writing intentions)

4. Think about possible proposal

I’m not sure that recruitment agencies realise how detached it feels as a potential candidate to be told to check their websites and apply through there.  What happened to the days of calling, applying and then being invited to the office for an interview/induction?  As much as the worldwide web has been a blessing, in a way it has also made things become very lazy.  Part of me wouldn’t mind actually printing off copies of my CV and approaching the offices to hand them out in person.

Regardless of that, I am happy to say that I have ticked three things off that list so far.  But I started this morning, and it is currently 6:43pm.  Job hunting is seriously a job in itself, except I receive no sort of pay at the end of the day, no praise for my efforts, no bonus, and the only benefit is if I am fortunate enough to receive a positive response that is not a standard ‘donotreply@’ email from a company or agency you have applied to (and at this time of going to ‘press’ this has not been the case).  This is hard work!  And tomorrow I will be starting the cycle all over again.  Who wants to come for after (no) work drinks with me?


5 comments on “It’s A Jungle Out There

  1. Keep it up Wends, you’re writing gig is around the corner. I’m excited for you and your new journey, especially as its been a long time coming.

    Keep the faith, make sure to pray on it and maintain the blogging… It will all be worth it.

  2. I know exactly how you feel as I am in the same situation myself. Add the isolation to all of the above and you have quite a pitiful situation. The only positive thing is looking out at the grey clouds and knowing that you don’t need to venture out. Ah well, nothing ventured nothing gained eh.

  3. I have square indoors bum too, so much so that sometimes I break cobwebs when I open my front door to step out.

    A brave and open article Wendi, a recipe for literary success. We should setup a regular meetup day where we laptop together once a week, inspire one another and bounce ideas.

    I’ll hit you and Ondo up on Whatsapp!

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