The Book That Changed My Life: ‘My 2002/03 Diary’ by Stavros Williams


Stavros Williams is a writer of short stories and poems, currently working on his ‘Eloquently Saying Nothing’ podcast project ( as well as his debut novel, which he aims to have published by mid-2012.

How did you come across the book?

I found it somewhere while I was cleaning up.

Give us a brief synopsis of what it’s about.

Basically it shows a young man in love, but lost.  It showed a man with low self-esteem.  A man battered daily by verbal, physical and mental abuse in a relationship that he still didn’t want to leave.  It showed a shell of what I am now, emotionally and mentally.  It showed me that ignorance and innocence can be dangerous when placed in the wrong hands.

How did it affect you or change your life?

Affect is a better word than change.  It made me realise how much I had grown since writing it, and how small a person I was even though I was an adult, how I had made so many mistakes, and it made me appreciate where I am now.  I have the worst memory in the history of mankind, and I had forgotten most of the days and incidents in the book.  When I read it I felt sad while re-living and remembering the things I had gone through.  The lows of the recent loss of a brother, the highs of getting a dream job, the high of finding love for the first time, the low of finding love for the first time.  The domestic abuse in all its forms was the most prominent thing that hit me.  I had put a lot of those mini-sagas at the back of my mind, and it was hard to believe I could have let these things happen to me and at that time.  It was gut-wrenching to read the things I had done too.  But it was an extremely empowering experience to go through it all.  I know how far I have come in life, how much I have grown as a man – a real man.  As mad as it might sound, I don’t regret the experiences.  As much as they hurt, I learnt, I grew, and I wouldn’t be the man I am today without going through all that.  So I am saluting myself on documenting probably the toughest time of my life, but also the most liberating.

Describe the book in five words.

Powerful, sad, informative, enlightening, truth.

Have you recommended it to anyone?

No I haven’t, although I guess it wouldn’t kill me if someone read it, I’m not exactly gonna hand it out there.  Saying that though, I do plan on writing a book with sections of it included, so who knows!

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