Who Remembers… Garbage Pail Kids!

Oh my goodness – my brother and I LOVED the Garbage Pail Kids! We collected these stickers religiously, and didn’t even care about the bubble gum that came with each pack.  Every time we were sent to the corner shop, we would make sure we didn’t leave without the latest pack of stickers, that cost something like 20 pence, and stuck them all on our bedroom door.  They stuck so well that I’m sure whoever moved in our house after us would have had to replace the door.

I don’t know if it was my favourite, but the one I have never forgotten is Shrunken Ed.  I found his look hilarious.  Nervous Rex is another one I always remember, because he was just disgusting.

Just in case you have absolutely no clue about what I’m speaking about (because you’ve just been released from the rock you were living under), here’s a little background:

The Garbage Pail Kids were a series of trading cards (or stickers) that were first released in 1985, and were created as a way of poking fun at the Cabbage Patch Kids/Dolls, which were hugely popular at the time, and every girl in my class had one except me. (FYI – I didn’t really like the dolls, but I wanted one because everyone had one).  There would be 4 or 5 stickers per pack, containing characters who looked like Cabbage Patch on crack, cleverly named in ways that sounded either like common phrases or cockney rhyming slang – Babbling Brooke, Adam Bomb, Clogged Duane, and Oozy Suzie.  Fifteen series of the cards were released in the U.S, and during the height of their popularity they were banned in schools, because teachers felt that kids were more interested in reading them than reading their books.

Cabbage Patch dolls

A cartoon series and later a film in 1987 were spawned off the success of the characters, but the film flopped heavily at the box office.   I never did see the movie, but I’m sure that at my young age at the time I could have told them that it would be a bad idea.  In my opinion, things like that are better when you leave them to children’s imaginations.  They kinda get spoiled when you put the voices you think they should have, and make them… move basically.

Unfortunately Topps, the creators, were sued by the makers of the Cabbage Patch Dolls for trademark infringement, so as part of an out-of-court settlement Topps agreed to remove any resemblance between the two, and you will notice it in some of the images.

Bring Garbage Pail Kids back I say!  In this age political correctness I doubt that will happen, and certainly not to the level it was when I was a young’un.  So in the meantime check out a few more of my favourites…


5 comments on “Who Remembers… Garbage Pail Kids!

  1. my bf just got me some of the posters last night..:) ive been looking for them for awhile now…i want to get a few of them as tatoos…so thanks for the pic of rock e horror….thats one i couldnt find but want as a tat…thanks

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