Bloggers Delight!

I would just like to alert you all to a new radio show that I’m involved in.  Bloggers Delight is a new weekly radio debate show on Bang 103.6FM, and it brings together a varying group of the UK’s “Bloggerati” and social commentators, who together have a wealth of experience in the media.

We discuss any and every topic stemming stories in the news that week, to things people  see on their daily travels, and the discussions and debates are as comedic as they are controversial!  Imagine the setting to be that of a barbershop or hair salon… any and everything goes!

The show is hosted by Miss Lala and Mr Silk, and panel consists of:

 Yogi Bear –

Simone Push –

Michelle Shanti –

Lisa Bent –

Yinka ‘Vex in the City’ –

Ronke ‘Ondolady’ Adeyemi –

Keysha ‘Ms Quiche’ Davis –

Jimmy Swagger –  

Amber Phresh –

Ms Brown Eyez –

Marvin Sparks –

Marvin Harrison – 

Pleepd –

DJ Skinz –

Tune in to Bloggers Delight every Wednesday 6pm-7pm on Bang 103.6FM or for the fun and frolics!  If you should happen to miss the show (for reasons that better be good) you can listen to all the shows on the Bloggers Delight website:  It’s an awfully snazzy website, where you can also read all our profiles and exactly why we qualify to be panellists!


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